Delhi Diaries- Why,How, Damn!



At first thought, it seems like it’s just a farce but it actually is happening and already on the verge of being implemented. The VC of Delhi University has announced 4 years degree course. What exactly was DU’s motive to extend the number of years for a college degree?Is it just a marketing gimmick to harness more fee from students for an extra year or is it just a simple fact that they want excellent superb graduates? By the way how can they possibly assume or conclude that another year will make students more credible. That is just absurd!As per research and polls conducted by TOI, more than 60% public are against this decision and around 50% agreed that they will opt for other university outside DU. Which clearly indicates that public and explicitly students are least happy with this change in the duration for attaining a degree. Now, I am sure DU is aware that  they are not the only University in the city which offers degrees. Every A, B and C Institute offers degrees by being affiliated to bigger Universities nationally and Internationally. So, if I am DU or Dinesh  Sing(VC of DU), I don’t think my marketing strategies are going to work, after all my customers are the king and they surely have lots of options on their plate!So I don’t know why they are just keen to make this changes.



Now, whats with Delhi and Crime?the crime rates in Delhi is ever-increasing and never seems to take the name of decreasing in any possible ways. Especially after the Nirbhaya’s case and the nations uproar against crime and Rape in the country, it seems accused/Rapist are getting inspired. The number of cases with regards to rape, especially gang rape and insertion of objects inside the private parts of the victims is becoming a trend. Is it that the accused are inspired by the Nirbhayas case and they want to be famous or infamous to be known throughout the country no matter what crime they commit?I believe the accused of Nirbhayas case were famous and always on the news about the trial and proceedings of the court so, is it that for wants of fame, Rapist and Murderers are following the same process??. Its like wanting to make it big no matter in which field you are becoming famous. Probably synonymous with Sunny Leone wanting to become a Superstar Celebrity but end up becoming a XXX star. How weird is that? Anyways, the question is how can anyone, if human can even have the slightest notion of behaving in such a way to another human, irrespective of  even their ages. remember the recent case of a 5-year-old girl being raped and objects inserted in her private parts??That is just gross and filthy to even think of it. I say, these animals, I don’t think they deserved to be called a human,  should be severely punished but to think of it, our country is the most forgiving judicial system when it comes to murder, rape or anything related to crime.How can a judicial system be polite and kind to an inhuman rapist? or even an inhuman murderer(refer Kasab). As of Kasab, thank God he is punished at last, but during his tenure in jail, the government spends lakhs and even crores of money on him. That money could have been utilized for the proper compensation of the deceased and their kins. Dear Lord, What is with crime and our country, How do we overcome this ever rising crime in our nation?


Damn, Delhi is hot! When I first reach the city, it was still cold and favorable to manage(at least warm clothes help) but the hot wind has creeped in the city and I don’t think I can walk naked in the roads of Delhi can I?I would be too famous for it and I believe I will rock the nation just because I can’t bear the hot climate of The wind, which is our only hope, isn’t even cool.Whenever I sit in an Auto, the breeze which sweeps makes me feel like my face/body is being barbecued and I am almost cooked!And from what I heard through Delhiites, the summer is longer in duration than the Winter Season. So that means I am going to be a burned meat by the end of Summer 😀 Still, living each moments of my life in Delhi with a hope that I don’t die before the end of summer!Well, that was just  sarcasm! And I’m afraid I  will end up so desperate that I will run helter skelter in the streets  saying- ” Mangpa, Gua hung ju sah ve….” 😀

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