This Page is dedicated for my collection of my own self written poems…Enjoy the Poetic Atmosphere…!!


When the going gets tough,

And the tough gets going;

When you feel frigid;

You need someone to hold you close.

When you think you are lost,

And there is nowhere to go.

When your mind drifts away,

To a memory that hurts.

When you think you’re hurt

By the one who means the world.

when you feel you’re in despair,

and all you want is refuge;

Remember me, Ill be there,

For I can’t see you drear;

And I’d do anything,

To revert that vivid smile .


Far away in Nowhere land,

Where pastures lay in lushly greens.

With birds singing their songs;

A soothe and serenity to the listeners.

Where rainbows and clouds smile in the blue sky,

Shining on to the green pastures.

Rising from beneath the hills;

The sun shines and sets in the horizon.

Ti’s the place I want us to be.

Just you and me in our realm,

Making love to the sound of the raindrops;

Dripping from the sound of the house.

Where you and I lay, cuddling on the bed.

Love is all that prevails,

And prevail along it will be.

For my love is truly dear…


A Wish for a Tryst

Sitting alone here, in my room

Thinking of you, your words

It made me smile, no wonder I do

 It was prodigious, our tryst.


The incessant beat of music

Tried to, but couldn’t avert my thoughts.

For I was jaunty, smiling with this thought.

Thinking of you, our tryst!
My feelings in denial, of the world

For it is devoted, only to you.

What are words? They aren’t ample.

To delineate what I feel, for you.


Wish is all I got, for myself

To be loved, and love back;

I desire the stars, to convey

My affection, desire for you;


Inaccessible you are, if only.

My wishes come true, for you.

I lay here, in my room.

Wishing for you, our tryst!


You are so cruel, you care for none

How fast you go, you wait for none;

Don’t you have feelings, you think for none?

Wrath is yours, you hear none.

How I wish you can stay still

So that I can think still;

To rethink the memories that I cherished

And the people with whom I relish.

Why do you betray?

When you can obey

Why do we chase you?

When we can go with you?


If only I can read your mind;

I would change the way you want me to.

If only I can read your mind;

I would do what you wanted me to.


If only I can read your mind;

I would make you smile to ease your pain.

If only I can read your mind;

I would do anything for your gain.


If only I can read your mind;

I will treat you as special as you wanted to be treated.

If only I can read your mind;

I would remove all the pain and agony created.


A bittersweet word you are.
hard to say but with a hope;
there is a second chance.

To the loved ones that we left behind.
and the beloved who left us;
Hoping to unite again.

To all the wrong deeds done;
and the unwanted memoirs of the past
A new ray of hope rises.
Bringing joy and happiness around.


Where art thou is a flower;

As fragrant as a red rose.

A mirror of one’s feeling,

Have thou receive’th a red rose?


A red rose to a girl from a boy

Depicting the love that conjures

Through mutual approval in bliss

For the love that prevails.


A red rose, a symbol

A feeling; of affection

An expression, of emotions.

Thou art is hearty,

In thy life and till eternity.

3 thoughts on “Poems

  1. im in 10th grade doing an english project on your poem Illusion and it’d be great if you could help me identify all of the literary devices in it, would you mind helping please?


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