The Identity Crisis


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January 29 of 2014 AD is outrageously remarked as the day a 20 something boy who  is a student in Delhi died for protecting his identity. His name was Nido Tania, he is the son of an MLA from Arunachal … Continue reading

Delhi 6


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 While I may be preoccupied with my personal and career priorities, my interest and urge to explore the city is unending which landed me to Delhi-6 on one of Delhi’s fine sunny Sunday. Delhi 6 is another name for the … Continue reading

Hey, Introspection just called, Are you Answering?


So, we blame our governing bodies, our MLA’s, Minister’s and our political/social leaders for the poor functioning, underdeveloped infrastructures, degrading facilities and poor to worst administration of our land and us, the people? But don’t you think, we, in between … Continue reading

Quality Education – The crux of an Advancing Society


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According to Emile Durkheim, Education is “the action exercised by the elder generations upon those who are not ready for social life”. And its main aim is to awaken the child physically, intellectually and morally. These are the prerequisite qualities … Continue reading

Delhi Diaries-Observations


Its almost five months now that I landed in this capital city of the country and one can’t just ignore or stay oblivious to the observations that is likely to be witnessed during this period. So I do have an … Continue reading

Delhi Diaries- Scenes with No Retakes


Scene 1, Time-2:30pm– A masculine looking girl sitting in an auto rickshaw, on her way to south extension from Munirka in Delhi.Now, at 2 o’clock in the afternoon,you may think its gonna be a calm traffic but the rickshaw that … Continue reading