Here I am

Since you took the pain and time to visit my  blog it will be so absurd not to know a bit about me or more.

So, Let me take you to my world


Cried for the first time on the  9th August in the year………….???(I wont mention the es (2)rest of the times i cried…:)

Had done schooling from 3 states of India to be precise namely the 3M’s(Manipur, Mizoram, Madhya Pradesh!!) and graduation from the 4th M that is Mumbai(Maharashtra), I think I have some connection with the letter M…????

Holds a proud degree in Business Management

Love to cry,laugh,have fun with or without friends, screen a 250-300 page  novel in 3-4 hours(yeah!!that’s my speed!!),catch up with latest trends and stay up-2-date on  current politico,economico, socio, techno and cultural affairs.

Have a dying craze for gizmos and gadgets but that doesn’t make me  a geek!!

I prefer not to be disturbed once my headphones are on!

Disgust psychos,mentally disorder people,2 faced people,mind games players,betrayers and reptiles(esp. snakes… 😦

Technically skilled enough to do a rough post mortem on almost every electrical and technical stuffs(practically, I wanted to try my hands on those things)

Enjoy having a cool and calm weekend by hanging out in  a pub or restaurant and catching up with friends over a glass of drink or two!!

Aspire to become a successful person with honor and dignity.

Would love to travel to the Bahamas Island at least once in my whole lifetime.

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