Delhi Diaries- Scenes with No Retakes

Scene 1, Time-2:30pm– A masculine looking girl sitting in an auto rickshaw, on her way to south extension from Munirka in Delhi.Now, at 2 o’clock in the afternoon,you may think its gonna be a calm traffic but the rickshaw that this lady was in has to come to a halt in front of the traffic signal as it turns red.She then was bearing the heat and fiddling with her phone when a shabbily clothed women came approaching the auto she is in.The women mentioned here has a script and a story because she started asking the lady “Madam,please help me, I have a sister who is lying there and she is in labor. Please help me with some money so that I can take her to a hospital.”  Now, I was shocked when I heard these words from the women. I was like, what the hell??!!.

There was another Uncle riding a motorcycle on halt beside the auto I was in.He heard what the women said and was suspiciously vying at me and waiting what would be my response.Unfortunately for him, I didn’t say anything and when he knew this, he voluntarily speak up nodding his head and said “Madamji, don’t pay attention to these people, they are just pretending.”On the other hand, my rickshaw driver who have been silent this whole time seems to be deliberately on a maun vrat(fasting for silence) not uttering a single word,astray of what is happening behind his back. I wonder what the old man in the motorcycle and my auto driver were expecting me to say or do.

Now, i was left with nothing but to shoo away the lady in shabby clothes. I bluntly told her this – “Aunty, isn’t there any other person that you can approach for help that you came rushing to me( I know that the look of my face is a signal to her that I am a soft target). Why don’t you speak and ask for help to other people who sits in a car or any other auto except mine?”after I said this, the women mumbles something and went her way.

Now, in this scene and after the incident, what amaze me was the technique used by modern day  beggars to ask money from people.I wanna Say, what an idea Sirji, oops Madamji!LOL. But the bad news was, this technique was not working on me and i wonder if the women does use the same to other people, will it work or not? That is a mystery yet to be unfolded.

Scene 2 – Me again, commuting on a metro from AIIMS to  Rajiv Chowk. Time was around afternoon so lets say around 1-1:30pm. Now, in spite of the safe and reliable security measures undertaken by the Delhi Metro corporation, one can’t help being suspicious of objects lying unattended in a public transport, especially metros.Let me elaborate on this.

As I said, I was taking a metro from AIIMs, the compartment I was boarding   was crowded so there was no place for me to sit and I was there, standing  beside the exit door just in front of a guy. The guy in front of me looks suspicious(at least to me!). He was nudging from here and there which  I notice from time to time.

It wasn’t until we reach Central Secretariat station that I noticed a big travel bag between this suspicious guy and me. It attracted my eyes and instantly create a variety of implications on my mind compelling my heart to beat faster in anxiety and panic wondering whose is it? unsure if the bag is purposely left or it is owned by the guy standing in front of me. After much hesitant and self debate in my mind, I asked the guy- “Hello, Is this travel bag yours?” and to the joy of my mind and heart and all joy of the world, he answered ” Yes, its mine.”  Oh what a relief that was!Then for the rest of the journey, I was as calm as I can be, happy and oblivious of anything happening around me. But you cant be too careless or reckless these days.Whew! so much for Impulsiveness.

Scene 3 : Now for the sake of convenience and similarity in incident, this scene will be divided into two sub scene respectively.

Sub Scene 3.1 : I was on my way to Karkardooma. Time would be around 12:30 in the afternoon. i was taking the metro once again.This time the incident doesn’t happen inside the train, rather it happens in the metro station itself.

I am sure everyone who have  traveled in the metro knows that you have to undergo a security check and x-rays luggage screening before you enter the metro platforms.So, there I was, undergoing a security check.

After dropping my bag in the conveyor belt of the luggage screening, I went ahead to the security check where security guards(policeman and policewomen) screen you to detect any harmful objects in your body. Till today I am not sure whether me, going to the ladies check was a mistake or a birth right because the policewomen asked me – “Aap ladies ho?” before screening me.It was the most absurd and weirdest feeling but I enjoyed it as I responded back to her saying “Yes Madam, mein ladies hoon.”  😀

Sub scene 3.2 – I was commuting in a metro again.Another day another time.Lets say the time was around 3:30 in the afternoon.Whenever I travel in a metro, I prefer sitting in the seats reserved for Ladies.So,there I was and luckily for me, there was an empty seat in the ladies seat so I sat there. After few stations and people boarding and unboarding, I was unaware until a women approach me saying “Ladies seat” staring at the board on top of the seat which says “Ladies Only”luckily for me, there was a guy sitting just besides me- there are two seats reserved for ladies,so I laughed inside and stare at the guy sitting beside me and say- ” Hello, its ladies seat, please give your seat to Aunty standing here.”Then the guy stood up to vacate the ladies seat for the women. Huh, I thought I was the victim,thanks to the guy beside me I was saved! 😀

After all this scene and the water level of Yamuna rising, not to forget the recent tragedy in Uttarakhand/Kedarnath. Speculation of monsoon floods in Delhi.Extreme heat and unexpected pre-monsoon in Delhi.All I wanted to say is- “God Save Delhi.God save our country!”


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