Delhi Diaries

Today marked the completion of exactly 2 months since I reached Delhi making me no more a New girl so the post title!;). Within or should i say after the last post I have had enough experience and faced certain incidence which is humorous yet exciting on the other side.

Now, I’m used to speaking the “haan ji ” language and probably fluent by now as I am a self proclaimed quick learner.I am very much familiar with the Bus routes, at least from South Extension to Munirka that is..;) I can travel the metro without any hassle and confusion regarding the colored lines because I learned the lines and the colors by now. Yellow Line Metro runs between Huda City Centre(Gurgaon) and Janakpuri, Blue lines runs between Noida City Centre and Dwarka sector 22.Red Lines run from Dilshad garden to Mundka. For specific routes you can refer to the map given below.


And by now, I would say I am ‘quite’ familiar with the gallis in Munirka at least the entry and the Exit.For me arguing with the Auto wallahs about the fare when trying to board one is a never ending process simply because I find it unfair to agree to any amount proposed by them without the use of a Meter(when there is always a meter installed in almost all Autos of Delhi). I sometime thinks its a waste of time but isn’t it worth spending few seconds to save some bucks??fair enough eh??

Below, I have listed some blunders/incidents I faced during this two months stay;

1. Paid double for a tempo fare thinking i have reached my destination :Simply put, i  thought i have reached my destination and wisely got off the tempo after paying. Then I realized I got off at the wrong place and have to board another tempo and pay another fare to actually reached my destination.

2. Argued with an auto wallah at night for no fault of his, wait its 50:50 fault- Let me explain, he pressed the break in such a thud that I almost flew from the seat I was sitting, so I have to argue with him. By the way who told him to drive so hastily and negligently that he has to pushed the brakes all of a sudden?

3. Almost got into a heated argument with another auto wallah because of his bad attitude and ill mouthing. I don’t expect them to be kind and noble but I don’t expect them to behave like a king and treat the roads as theirs…

4. Transferred a file from a cyber cafe and actually found out after reaching home that the file that I transferred was not there in my pen drive.

5. Lost my way  in Munirka..AGAIN!!

I can think of this much for now, but I will surely come up with some more, especially about my interaction with the Auto

Got to visit the Janpath lane Market,which is almost similar to SN. Market except that it is smaller but off course cheaper, so they said!have to visit Munirka every Saturday and apparently Munirka has become my second home..

Whew again..!! Seems my days in Delhi wont be complete without a sigh of Whew, take it as an expression of relief or and expression of weariness…;)


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