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A love lost-for better or worse?


A Day, A Month, Year- 2003 (MP)
Went outing with friends to the local market. Saw her for the first time. Fell in love with her the instant I set eyes on her. I said to my self- ‘Damn, I am going to have her some day for sure and if I didn’t, my name ain’t Esther’. The style, look and sturdiness she exudes apparently cast a spell on me. That’s when our love journey started.

A Day, A Month, Year- 2007, Place – Lamka
Saw her for the first time here. And i thought I am gonna be the first person to ride her in this remote yet metropolitan town of one of the borderline state of the country. But I was wrong. Yet, I still love her, our love story was still hot and clicking and the spark was obviously on.

A Day, A Month, Year- 2011, Place –Mumbai
Finished graduation, started working. This time I am surely going to have her. That’s what I thought to myself. I don’t care if I am robbed off my whole year’s salary or cross the spending limit on my credit card, I will have her! I said to myself adamantly. But then, fate wasn’t on our side, we were not destined to be together. Not yet…

A Day, A Month, Year- 2015, Place- Lamka again
OK, this is too much…I mean, I fell in love with her for more than a decade and before I have her, almost all guys in this town are riding her??Where is the fairness..??Why does this happen to me….When can I have her eventually??When?Why?Why not me? Those are the only questions that bogged me whenever I see her, on the road, near my house, in the market, on the way home, on my way to some place…everywhere…

April 20th till date, Place-Delhi
Every night at midnight, her noise interrupted me. Evidently, someone from our lane has one of her and is riding it every night. The sound of her engine, the noise of the whizzing by end up creating an irritation to my ears and peace of mind. I tried concentrating, but I couldn’t. It even wakes me up during my sleep. Hell is wrong with this??If this is the sound that I am going to ride, to disturb and wake people at night/day or add to the unbearable pollution of smoke and noise of the city, I don’t want it!

So, here is my bid of adieu—
Dear Enfield, For the sake of pollution and compassion for my fellow humans, I am letting you go eventually, I don’t think we are destined at all in spite of my years and years of love and passion for you. I hope you don’t bear it in your heart. It’s not your fault, it’s that guy’s fault who ride you in the middle of the night and disturb not only me but the whole mohallah…!!I hope you can understand. I am letting you go with a heavy heart and with a hope that I can find something else better than you to love and crave for. At least something that doesn’t create ruckus with the noise or pollute the city! All those years of browsing in the internet and admiring your builds and looks has all gone down the drain….What a waste! Ah and Yes, Ill still keep my name but where is Harley? 😀


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