The Identity Crisis

January 29 of 2014 AD is outrageously remarked as the day a 20 something boy who  is a student in Delhi died for protecting his identity. His name was Nido Tania, he is the son of an MLA from Arunachal Pradesh- one of the states in the North Eastern part of the Country or NE/Seven Sister  as it is infamous for in other parts of the nation. This brutal dead of Nido which results after a mob assault and trashing by locals after he inadvertently broke the glasses of a shop because the shopkeeper gave a lewd remarks about his hair colour.


This led to an uproar and outrage amongst the North Easterners residing in the capital and other cities  with protest  and candle light vigil against racism and discrimination by the mainlanders towards the NE people .What followed was an overwhelming spectacle but the fact remains in whether it really bear results. To the demands and the expectations of the the youths and student organizations from the region, it seems the government is turning a half blind eye to the issue. Half blind eye because the Government couldn’t keep silent as the issue  made the headlines and  breaking news in all media whether it be news channel, print or online. So what the Government did is open its one eye to make their presence and concern felt which in another term can be a propaganda to lure more votes from the region for the upcoming LS election. The another close eye is the most common and null reason that the Government cannot really do anything when it comes to racism or discrimination especially towards the NE people.Why? Because the Government cannot control the sentiments/conscience or educate each and every bloody uneducated and uncivilized citizens of the country(more than 40% Indians are still uncivilized and uneducated) and it also cannot use its power against regional politics- regional politics based on region and cultural ethnicity of different parts of the country. Like the south Indians have their own propaganda’s for politics and the same for the North, West and East.

Now, we really came to know the reason why the issues faced by the NE people are never solve. Mind you, this is not the first time a young boy or a  young girl  from NE died in metro cities due to racism and discrimination. Take the case of Loitam Richard, of Reingamphi and the list goes on. Why do you think racism still prevails in spite of many innocent lives being sacrificed?Simply due to the poor political agenda and the pathetic governing system that our proud country has. Whatever happens to Unity in Diversity, Indigenous India, Incredible India, Sovereignity and Secularism?I tell you people, All are BullShit!

But then, we had a misconception about the real issue. The real issue is not our hair color or our dressing style or our happy-go-lucky attitude. Its our identity- the distinctness and the implicit origin that we belong to. The main problem is our identity crisis, the fact that we are a mongoloid lot who happened to settle and breed in an Aryan majority country. The fact that our ancestors didn’t actually belong here and we are not suppose to be here either. This is the real issue and this is the actual reason behind every weird looks that we came across in the streets and in the eyes of the mainland Indians. But then, there is nothing we can do really, is it?Since our ancestors have settled and included in the geography of the country and are considered a citizen under the Constitution of India.

unitedSo, what could be the ultimate solution to end this brutal racist treatment and discrimination in what we proudly call our country?Personally, I saw a change, a change in the mindset of people from the mainlanders as well as the NE people. A change to stand united towards any mistreatment no matter how light or critical is the issue. A change to rise and show our identity as a true Indian, to expose and promote  ourselves and our abilities, hone and showcase our talents and make ourselves visible in every field through various platforms and contribute to the economy and the overall growth of the country’s GDP.This, I think is the only way to identify ourselves and bridge a gap between the lack of being noticed or being identified for who we are not  and as the great Abraham Lincoln rightly said -“Achievement has no colour”.


2 thoughts on “The Identity Crisis

  1. Ms Esther,

    Your piece “Identity Crisis” has many points for discussion and am glad that being a north easterner myself someone like you and many others is now ready to take the bull by the horns.

    Nido’s untimely demise is a sad reflection of the mentality certain people has about our people here in the north east. Though I am not a tribal but born and bred here when our ancestors came to Assam, some hundreds of years ago. I do have hundreds of tribal friends spread across the region and I identify myself as one amongst them.

    Will be glad to read your views further. Incidently, am a freelance journalist and plea se fee lfree to write to me at:

    I have participated in Arunudoy’s topic at linkedin just recently and it is a healthy forum.




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