Of Social Perception and Misconception

She had to suffer and undergo a dreadful phase due to non-payment of her salary for 2 months. Not only that, she was even verbally harassed by her Manager which I assumed was too shameful and hard for her to confide to me. She was a good friend and I am amazed and sadden by what recently befalls her, urging me to contemplate the issues faced by young girls and boys residing in metropolitan cities. Those who are employed in private organizations are always a soft target for physical and verbal assault and even worse: rape and murder. And on the other hand, in spite of going through arduous day to day life, working hard to make ends meet, they fall prey to the infelicity of their own people and society which debilitate their moral and emotional being. Of denunciation and abhorrent remarks: for which they are not able or too meek to clarify themselves. The big question is why are we spreading a feeling of hatred and depredation to our own people, our girls and women when we are supposed to be the one who protects, safeguard and stand for them as the need arises? Instead of being empathetic, we always end up being the one who condemns and knowingly or unknowingly create a socially non-viable environment for them.

The fallacy of the feminine gender being weaker and the social perception about women being vulnerable and to be scrutinized  that have evolved from time immemorial have not ceased in our minds no matter how much growth and advancement we have attained as an individual or as a society. I am not trying to favour the feminine gender or the people who stay away from home and do whatever they like. It is just a plea that we should change our perspective in how we perceive and opine about them. Let us not dwell and follow the long old mind set which our ancestors followed. Evolution and advancement should also change our mind-sets and our outlook towards things and people in order to unanimously live together in a better society. It is as relevant as the saying that goes “If we do not care and nurture the flowers in our own garden, who will do it for us?” It will just be a sight of humour, mockery and belittle to the external onlookers- which, if given a thought is an indication of disgrace and a proof of disharmony among us.

Our misconception of divorcee whether it be the man or the woman is another myth that we apparently need to resolve. Where in the world is it written that a person who is already married once cannot get married or even seek love again? We have evolved so much in terms of science, technology, economy and everything else but our perceptions and conceptualization haven’t changed much does it? While we are too ignorant to even give it a thought, it has immensely ebbed away our social parity and integrity. Whatever happens to live and let live and be happy and wish other happiness? Is that phrase degrading or just non-existent among us? It is saddening to think that our society is not yet divorcee friendly or free from gender discrimination. It is, on the other hand a sign of our negligence and lack of proper perception and the poisonous misconception which is still prevalent amongst us.

Let’s turn our eyes and heads away to social and immoral perceptions about our own people especially our women and lets join hands and work towards omitting the filthy practices and misconceptions that our people and society is a prey to for until and unless each one of us introspect and widens our outlook for the greater good, then only we can create a society so peaceful and harmonious for our younger generation and many more generations to come. It is time to lay the foundations and the walls which consist of trust, goodwill, integrity and equality, honesty as well as socio-economic and political stability. The bottom-line being: Let us change our outlook and stop giving in to misconception for the greater good and for the many generations that are budding and yet to be sowed.


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