Home Away from Home

Out of the few places that I have had the honour of visiting and residing, nothing can compete or stand out alongside Delhi for the atmosphere of being Home away from Home. And Why not! Just the feeling of seeing faces that you can relate to or are familiar with is such a comfort to the eyes as well as the mind. A city where every third person looks familiar and you can,maybe strike a conversation with every fifth person or be polite to. I even acknowledged a friend’s mother feeling homely and at peace in the streets of Munirka only because she feels safe and secure seeing familiar faces there and so she asked my friend (her daughter) to shift to Munirka. All I am saying is, due to the in-migration of north easterners, Tibetans and the likes, Delhi and its diversity has brought a whole new change in being a city where people create their own home away from home, living the life, their dream and striving towards attaining the benefits and perquisites of surviving in a metropolitan city.
Okay now, enough of the good things, let’s get to the bizarre things about the city. Delhi – the capital of our glorious nation. The seat of Parliament, of the President, of all ministers and prime ministers. The pride (sic) of our civil planning. The showcase of the republic(Ref-The White Tiger:Aravind Adiga).Who would have thought a girl would be so crazy enough to almost breach the security of the Great(pun intended) Parliament House by trying to enter from the exit gate just so because she forgot to take her mobile phone left at the reception, which almost created an alert! Or who would have thought that same girl will almost pull her Tee up just because the lady policeman in the metro security check asked her if she is a Lady or a Gent! I don’t blame her. She was just trying to prove it. Anyways, the buildings in Chandni Chowk are so old; one would have thought they can and would collapse with just a POKE! And of course not to forget the amplified names given to roads- like MG Marg that seems to never end or is it really everywhere? I thought every road in Delhi is MG marg until I came across Nelson Mandela Marg in Vasant Kunj one fine evening.
And seriously, this things about the Purams,the sectors and their numbers and unmatched numbering and/or alphabetically ordering of blocks, the Vihars,the Enclaves, the  Extensions and the Rings Roads  are giving me headaches since I got  here. Like as if it is necessary to have extensions- South Extension, Tuqhlakabad extension and the newly discovered Mahipalpur Extension. Let’s not forget, the most important and most amusing ones are in Munirka, like the Airport, the Great Wall and the Flyovers inside Munirka. I wonder if there is a Colosseum or a Stadium too inside Munirka. I heard a story about a new girl arriving in the city and was visiting Munirka. She called up her friend asking where she should meet her. The friend said to meet at Munirka airport and she obediently told her auto driver to take her to Munirka Airport!
I may not have the experience one should have while staying or visiting a city but all I can say is, this city gives you a plethora of hope, of beliefs and opportunities to be able to rediscover and explore one selves whether it is for a student studying in a college, students preparing for public services and most importantly the ones who come all the way from home to earn a living, to get employed in order to support themselves as well as their families back home. I would say, they are the ones who are most eligible to be commended for their untiring and unconditional endeavours for their own survival as well as support. I am extremely amazed by the unity and successful co-ordination of community organizations and youth’s participation in bringing developments as well as ensuring safe and secure stay for the people who resides here.This is undoubtedly a requisite and crucial to bring together our own people, joining hands, to unite the moral and physical aims of everyone. I admit, after much ponders, I came to realize this is the reason I feel home away from home in this city. Of coming together united and uniformly organizing and successfully celebrating events. Talking about events, I hear the XXI ZSP Freshers Meet is knocking at the door. Now, isn’t that something to look forward to and relish? Then what are we waiting for? ROCK DI HIMAI MAW!!

** This article is written particularly for ZOKUAMTHAWN Newsletter- a private publication of ZSPDB.



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