Delhi 6

 While I may be preoccupied with my personal and career priorities, my interest and urge to explore the city is unending which landed me to Delhi-6 on one of Delhi’s fine sunny Sunday. Delhi 6 is another name for the famous “Chandni Chowk” or Old Delhi- that’s what they used to call it. Chandni Chowk is one of the oldest and busiest market (hell yeah!, you hardly get a place to step on in the roads and paths). A little bit of googling says that this place was built by the famous “Shah Jahan”- yes, the same person who built the “Taj Mahal” and was designed by his daughter -Jahan Ara. I guess we don’t have to indulge ourselves into more details because this place is already famous and I have heard a lot about the place before I even got the chance to visit it, which in other way is the reason why I wanted to experience this famous and much hyped and talked about market place.

So, there I was, boarding an auto, on my way to Chandni chowk, which is approx. 12kms from where I reside. The first impression which I had when I got down from my auto, i.e.when my auto driver told me- “Madamji, aa gaya Chandni Chowk” (I guess that means-“Madam, we have arrived at Chandni Chowk). So, yes my first impression was- “Damn, the buildings are old”. Off course I realized later on that why not! Because this place was built during the 17th century and there is absolutely no redevelopment or restructuring/remodelling measures on our beloved country or we  just don’t seem to consider the importance of preserving old and archaic buildings. Well, maybe it wasn’t worth it. Whatever, lets come back to the experience.

Chandni Chowk or Chandni Chowk market is a long stretch of road where stalls and all kinds of stuffs are sold on the roadside. From Kashmiri Pashminas to Western Outfits, From Beautiful and hand designed Indian traditional sarees to the sweets and parathas in the paratha wala galli. The best part about being here is the experience to ogle the varieties of stuffs sold here, the colourful bangles, sarees and other many other colourful materials hanging on the roadsides are surely and eye-catcher. I, for one couldn’t help but got attracted to the bangles that I almost bought a pair (pun intended).

And the worst part off course is the congested roads and gallis. Especially on a sunny and humid day, you can’t help but sweat the hell out of yourself to get a glimpse of this famous market. It was a sweet yet sour experience, sweet because of so many things I was able to see for myself and sour because I didn’t get to actually try out the sweets and famous parathas of the place. Instead of trying out the roadside snacks, I have to go to an air conditioned Mc.Donald’s due to the fact that I was exhausted and couldn’t stand any more of the heat and humidity for another minute.

All in all, the heat was worth the visit and I hope to catch a close and more enticing glimpse of the place once again, sometime in the days to come… 🙂

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