Hey, Introspection just called, Are you Answering?

So, we blame our governing bodies, our MLA’s, Minister’s and our political/social leaders for the poor functioning, underdeveloped infrastructures, degrading facilities and poor to worst administration of our land and us, the people? But don’t you think, we, in between the lines have seemed to forgotten that the people who we rightfully accused and held accountable for our bad system is the same people that we, ourselves has castes our valuable votes for and obediently elected during the elections. So, aren’t we the one responsible for whatever has befallen us and aren’t we also responsible for the resurrection and restructuring of our failing system? Why should we take them for granted? We live in the largest democratic country of the world that means the power to bring  a rise and fall of a government lies in our hand, “US”, “we the people”

 Let’s look back at what really defines Democracy and its genuine meaning. Democracy, as Abraham Lincoln said “is the government of the people, by the people, for the people”. This definition lead us to think which part of the definition do we clearly understands and are aware of. Are we only aware about the “for the people” part and not the others? Are we straying away and denying the fact that we, the people have a role to play in the proper functioning of a system? If we do understand its true meaning and implications wouldn’t it also means that we will be seeking and striving for a leader who will genuinely and devotedly work for the betterment of our society and land? Then why do we elect someone who cannot fulfill nor does the above work on our behalf. Is it because these leaders/politicians know how to fill up our pockets so that we can vote in their favor? Or is it just our mere greed for money that we favor only those who can suffice our financial needs and fulfill our own whims and fancies.

See, politicians are people who knows and understand what they do, they know how to play politics and they also know how to use polity and policies for governance and to touch the sentiments of the public. And if we say we were fooled by the empty and determined promises or the false hopes made by these political leaders, it is our fault not theirs because probably, we are under a spell or does not truly understand the fact that these political leaders are bound to make all these promises and raise our hope to garner maximum votes from us, the public. So, it is us, the people who should be aware and alert enough to be able to differentiate a farce politicians and a committed or a political/leaders who really means business.

Okay, so they promise and raise our hopes, we vote and then they got elected and successfully become an MLA and Ministers. And we thought our work is done? Take them for granted and assume they will do the rest or at least implement what they have promised? Because we have the dumbest notion of presuming they are elected for that? How wrong we are, because this thought is completely the opposite of what our actual responsibility is. Our duties comes after the election as that is when we have the right to question, to observe and  to track what these leaders has done for the society and accordingly  judge whether their work is a downfall or a development.

Then, should we just be satisfied blaming and pointing fingers at our administrator’s and  leaders rather than standing up by renouncing our rights and duties as a concerned citizen. Majority of us are educated, learned, knowledgeable, scholars which means we are capable enough to understand, bring out better means of systematic governance and revolt against and harmful means of exploitation’s/ill treatment either by others or our own people. Which lead us to think, in spite of attaining knowledge, education and intellect, if there is no changes or reforms in our society, doesn’t that means we are the dumbest race of all and doesn’t that further point out to the fact that there are challenges for us, to re-introspect, to understand where we really want to work towards, where to set our priorities and when and how to bring changes in our very own society. A change and escapade from all these chaos with the simple thought of giving priority to one’s own satisfaction and happiness. So, where does our priority really lies??Ourselves or our own society?

Yes, Individual development  contributes to the overall development of a society.So  isn’t it time to re-introspect ourselves if we think we are a concerned citizen and wants proper advancement and prosperity of our land?Then, do we know our duties as a citizen? Are we aware about our responsibilities towards our own society?Isn’t it time to think over it and start afresh once and for all for the sake of our bleeding system of administration and for the sake of many more generations yet to come.

Thus, the message is simple and clear, lets individually develop and bring progress which will be a progress and prosperity for our Society. So, are we all set to do a self-introspection?You decide…;)

**The ending quote – Katharine Hepburn -We are taught you must blame your father, your sisters, your brothers, the school, the teachers – but never blame yourself. It’s never your fault. But it’s always your fault, because if you wanted to change you’re the one who has got to change.




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