A Girl in a New City – II

This time its a bigger whew!! mainly because this time I get to explore more about the city. Its a month now and I have had a quarrel with the auto wallahs( If it had been Mumbai, I would have written Rickshaw Wallahs!).  And yes, quarreling with the rickshaw wallah is one of my forte…;)The human mind is a very complex gift. It always compel you to compare things that you have experience in the past and the new things which you come across. So, here also I will be bound to compare Mumbai with Delhi.

First, I have to stop using the word ‘Apun” while speaking to the sabji wallah or the auto wallahs, again because the normal word used here is “apna”. But it can be a situational use because the other day I shouted at the auto wallah in a pure Mumbaiyya tapori language using “apun ko”, “kya re” and other slang’s widely common in Mumbai and of which I am used to. And also the most common word that I have observed the Delhiites is using the word “haan ji”, probably due to the UP effect or the bhaiyya’s influence. No more asking for kandha’s  and batatas to the sabjiwalah because they won’t understand rather start using the word pyaas, aalu etc.

The sales boys  in the streets of Bandra and the streets/Market of Sorojini Nagar is completely different. Had to fight with a sales guy because he started speaking rudely and showing attitude  while going through the stuffs in their store. They  seriously lack customer relationship management, not that I expect it from them but at least to garner customers. I thought I would have understood the roads and the sectors but I got more confused…

Perhaps I forgot to mention in my previous post that I clearly know and am most familiar with the auto routes of South Extension and Munirka(“Anupam ke saamne”- the most common word used to tell the Auto wallahs when they asked where in Munirka) . Few days back, I tried taking the bus routes, very complicated…knew the bus number but haven’t seen the places I came across on the way, maybe it is after all a different route- or am I wrong? You may be shock to know this, but I still lost my way in Munirka in spite of accepting  and proclaiming  that it is like a second home to me by now- probably because of my recklessness or just because of my poor memory!

God, How I wished the Mumbai streets have Momo vendors in every 100 meters distance.Because it happens here in Delhi, the too much availability of this Tibetan ala North Eastern ala Chinese fast food is also making me sick again but to think of it and comparing to my days in Mumbai when I craved for Momos, it was really worth it except for the extra contents of Chinese salt(Monosodium  Glutamate)…lol

After a month, I am more ready and geared up to experience more about the city and hopefully share it further with you-my precious readers :):)


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