A Girl in a New City!

Delhi-Gurgaon stretch of National Highway 8 (N...Delhi-Gurgaon stretch of National Highway 8 (NH-8) has been modified into an eight lane expressway. This has increased speed of traffic between Delhi and its suburb. The expressway provides speedy access to Indira Gandhi International airport. The national highway leads upto Mumbai in West. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Whew! is the first word that comes into my mind when I think about what to write about the new city I have recently shifted to. Of course its difficult for  a human to experience changes and the worse is to manage and get used to the new environment. Its like being shifted to a different process/workflow in your workplace  where you are very much acquainted with your old work process but you have to cope up and manage with the new project/workflow you are being assigned. But then again, I realized life itself is an evolving process and you have to shift and get used to the new challenges, opportunities which comes in your way which not only test your abilities and perseverance but also your attitude and  thought process which affects how you take life.
As for me, like anybody else I also find it hard and unusual to be new in another metropolitan city after having lived and breathed the air of Mumbai for 5 long years. I was like a small girl who needs guidance in each and everything and why not?places and peoples are difficult to understand and digest until and unless you get to know them or you travel the same road or place frequently. For me. its a challenge which allows me to test my ability to manage in a changed environment as well as different culture and way of living from what I have been used to. Well, its a good experience as long as you have the tendency to run independently, be free yet aware and also be calm and composite with the minds of an observer.
Delhi, famous for being the Nations Capital, the countries own nation of politics and bureaucratic atmosphere which of course is nothing new  to any Indian but still worth mentioning. The first impression that I have about the city is that it is damn cold (yes!I was there during winter)  and I know how people use to say ” Delhi’s Weather and Delhi People are Unpredictable” mainly because of the ever changing mini second or should I say momentary changes in the appearing and disappearing of the sun. Oh!Maybe the Sun is playing hide and seek with the city…no?. I hope the ruling party doesn’t have anything to do with this!:) But I love the cool climate I landed myself into because I know  my reaction would have been something else If I reach the city  during the Summer. And  then there is the people- After the recent gang rape and many other incidents and issues faced by women especially, it is a little bit unsafe and challenging for a girl like me to shift to the nations capital and manage myself independently.
Till now, I am most acquainted with Munirka(why not!), South Extension part 1 and the famous and one and only most favorites of the Delhiites; Sorojini Market!I am sure anybody  from Manipur or even North East who visited the City will never leave the city without visiting S.N. market and Munirka(true or false, you decide). And how do I describe Munirka….If i had been to Bangkok  I am sure I would have compared Munirka as similar to the streets of Bangkok. You can hardly recognize whether its daytime or nightfall and I don’t know why the Munirkans(?) complains of severe hotness of the climate during the summer when the Sun or the sun rays  never reach the place. The gallis of Munirka are like a maze which have many turns and twist and difficult to find your way ahead  or back . I admit I  got lost and confused twice in the gallis of Munirka ! and even Sorojini Market…lol
Still, its hardly a Month, i know and hope I will get more used to the gallis, the long stretch of roads, the ring roads, the Bhawans, the Vihars and the sectors and of course the blue lines, red lines and yellow lines of the Metro!. I also hope I know how to deal with the Traffic policeman and how to convince him that the ticket that he is trying to fine me for is invalid as we never cross the Red signal before the green signal!

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