Judge “Mental”

Whenever we see a girl or a common friend or even a stranger on the roads with slim figure,fair complexion and butt less , we are more than excited to exclaim and conclude that the girl is either a tablet addict or having maximum coitus with her boyfriend.Not only in this regard but many other aspect as well, like a pot belly person is a beer addict or if a friend whom you use to know as a fit and fat becomes thin overnight makes us conclude within our mind that she may have undergone an abortion This generally is the opinion and conclusion of the larger mass.. Now, how many of us generally didn’t have the same opinion as listed above?We( me included) tend to have the same opinion either this way or the other but did we ever consider that we are being too judgmental about others looks or even other peoples character. Why don’t we leave them alone and mind our own business?When will we start learning to mind our life and not interfere and judge other people for even what they are not. When should we start believing and implementing the saying “Appearance are deceptive”. Isn’t this saying adequate enough to focus on ourselves rather than others and leave them alone to what they are.
In today’s time, we tend to be more focus and interested in the business of others. Take Facebook for example, your profile information, your profile pictures, your photo uploads, your comments on groups and discussion determines who you are and people judge you according to that. But is it really true?Is Facebook or other internet networking sites meant to be taken so seriously that people start misjudging us for what we are not and even harass us just because you post something for fun and didn’t mean it in a bad way?For Gods sake! When will we start considering internet for entertainment and not for judging the other person or others characters?No netiquette?No nothing?If we so consider these things genuine and legitimate why do we have fake accounts?Fake and Nick Names?Why cant we all put up our true real name and all details regarding our location,occupation or activities.Why aren’t we transparent in identifying ourselves? It usually start like this- your intention of creating or writing and commenting is something but the interpretation is wrong by the other person that leads you to become what you actually are not and being reflected negatively. Who wants to be reflected wrongly for what they are not?Its not your fault, its the other persons fault because he have the nature of jumping to conclusion before he even know you properly, he is judgmental about you and he is already criticizing you for what you are actually not.Thus you are not responsible for what you didn’t intend to imply through your words.
The above is just the virtual world.Now lets look into the real world we are living in. Our society where we live and co-exist with natural bonds,love and supposed brotherhood. We see a socially awkward person, we start behaving differently with them. We are always under the conclusion that a characterless boys/girls is due to bad upbringing by their parents or we just instantly conclude that they are taking after their parents characterless-ness. Now, forget that, we see a differently able/physically disabled person, we instantly maintain our distance and shows awkward attitude with them. Why do we behave this way? Aren’t they as much human as we are? Doesn’t they deserve to be treated as equally and cordially as we want to be treated?Doesn’t they have the liberty to live their life as per their own wish and preference?Why do we have to intervene and make them uncomfortable with our filthy attitude?Oh, and the worst and most important part, lets please stop judging others just because of their dress and looks/make up. We do not have the right to do that at all!
See, it happens like this, we see people who seems different from our preferred nature, our degrading mindset compel us to jump to conclusion which leads us to criticize, once we criticize, we are never left without the willingness to preach out of concern,irritation or due to inadvertent gesture.Now, criticizing and preaching is a branch of Judgement.Hence it is proved that being Judgmental is the end cause.
Again, who are we to judge other peoples personal life and character as long as id doesn’t  effect us or we are link with their character, and who are we to intervene in other peoples life if we are not invited. Its time we start learning and literally mind our own businesses and stop being so judgmental and jumping to conclusion before we know anyone personally. lets stop showing others how degraded our mindsets are.Remember, the next time you try or judge other person, you should either be called a JUDGE or you are just mentally retarded!
“Judge nothing, you will be happy. Forgive everything, you will be happier. Love everything, you will be happiest.”Sri Chinmoy

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