Its already a Year?

I got a notification from WordPress congratulating me for completing a year with them. I was rather surprised and ashamed of myself for not even remembering that it has been already a year since i started blogging with WordPress. Anyways, my feelings of excitement overcomes me more, my mind drifted back to the first day I started typing fr the same blog. I didn’t realized time will fly so fast.I fell so thankful to Jimmy Wales(you know how much i have a crush on him!;) and his team for making so many user friendly updates and changes in the functioning and user experience for Worpress.

Remembering the initial blogging days, i still remember, I was even too shy to publish my post publicly and even link my blog to other accounts like Facebook,Twitter or LinkedIn. But in course of time I have developed a strong will within myself of course due to encouragement and constant positive feedback from friends and well wishers.Then I started linking my blog posts with my Facebook and other social media account. A lot of friends, supporters and well wishers gave honest feedback,advice and suggestions which helps me grow as a blogger, writer and also as a person.

So on this special day, I would like to thank all my readers, visitors, well wishers, friends, followers, commenter s, Facebook fan page Members and many other people who are linked to me and my blog directly or indirectly. Thank you all very much for being there, for giving more than 7000 hits(precisely 7753 and counting) in a year, 981 followers and 13 email followers. Thank you and I will remain grateful to you. Stay where you are, that will keep me going and growing each day and hopefully be able to come up with posts  that will be interesting for you to read on.

Thank you once again for all your support….:)


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