Vision Gen Y

Have you ever wonder why our mobile handset network are named as 2 G, 3G and recently 4G networks??Why does software’s, hardware’s and everything else have an updated versions required? Well, I have had the time to wonder about all this things and realize that G represents generation which means 4G is the most updated and advanced generation in terms of their features and make. This led me to drift my mind into the reality of us human beings as well to become a better and more gifted compared to our predecessor’s.

If I am not mistaken, we are also better known and called as the next generation Gen Y, who are believed to be more advanced and talented in terms of mental abilities, professional expertise as well as the ability to think beyond the impossible. Now, comparing ourselves to the Gen X that is our predecessors, we are pretty much advanced  and are exposed to wider opportunities than what they were during their times. This is apparently due to the elevation of technology, knowledge and expertise in all fields of life. Thus, we are emphatically the Updated version of the Gen X version.


Now, as the emerging next generation Gen Y, what is expected from us and what are our capabilities and abilities which differentiate us from our predecessor? We will probably realize that our generation is more governed by technology as compared to less and limit use of technology during our predecessor’s days. Earlier, the only professions or jobs available are Government Jobs or either agriculture works. But we, the Gen Y are exposed to a wider varieties of professions which challenges our capabilities and thus allow us to use our talent to the utmost possible with the rightful resources available in the environment. There is no more a limit to the resources required, we can find anything and everything which is a huge advantage compare to our Gen X periods.


Just as a high tower building requires a strong base, I would like to describe my visions of basic qualities which I believe and hope all Gen Y should possess in order to depict our capabilities and potential to not only our predecessors but more generations to come as well.


1. Perspective: This is a very important factor which will shape our views towards others and situations. Perspective will ascertain whether we see the glass as half full or just half empty. It is crucial for our generation to be in a position where we have a clear and positive perspective of each and every thing which will effect us individually or as a whole.


2. Attitude: Perspective determine our attitude. William James of Harvard University said, “The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.” This statement should hold true and applicable for each and every one of us. Our attitude determines our personality which adversely affects our opinion and behavior and inversely determines our success and failures. This attitude will help us to react to and conceive the light at the end of the tunnel as a ray of light or just the headlights  of a fast running train.


3.Leadership: Leadership is a very vast and complex topic. One can write a whole book with regards to just leadership and its concept. But here, I want to focus on Leadership which inspires, visualize and enforce a structured strategy. Leaders are not the only person who leads; they are also visionaries, initiator and implementers. They picture  their objectives, plan out the strategies to be followed in order to make it viable for implementation. Thus, we as the promising next generation should be more a leader than just a mere followers, we have the skills and talents required for us to make ourselves a potential contender to lead and also to be an influence for the younger generation to come.


 4. Responsibilities: Since we have had the potential to become a respected leader, we should also be in a position to exercise and make maximum utilization and fulfillment of our responsibilities. We should be able to meet and take the extra responsibility not only as a leader but as an individual. When each and every one of us feels the need of taking our own responsibility, we will only be advancing towards a better and more developed person and contributes to a growing and advancing society. In this way, we will not at least be a failure in the hope filled eyes of our predecessors.


 If the above   elements or basic qualities are successfully imbibed and implemented by each of us, I feel that the rest will come on its own that will proof and lead us to be able to co-exist in a peaceful and better environment. So, let’s join hands to testify and glorify our generation to show and acknowledge that we are a dependable and more effective generation.


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