Till recently this thoughts struck my mind and I was thinking deeply what actually does it means? Does it mean living in a whole real world different from the life we usually live? or is it a world where there is no meaning for any other person else than yourself?? The word “real World” comes with the tagline “survival of the fittest” so, does it means there is nothing more important than the survival of one being? Does it means settling into a metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore or Chennai etc. which is different from our daily town folks life? Summing up all these lines and thoughts I came to a conclusion that the word “Real world” refers to a platform where we get to live in a completely different environment, getting to know a whole lot of new and different types of people with different backgrounds and all types of personality.The word ‘real’ reveals that it is global and constitutes all spheres of life, people and new experiences.

But the sarcasm of being in a real word is that there is a lot of hardship and preparations required to face it and fit into it. How do we fit in and get to being well-versed with the new people? Here comes the cliché’s of having and ego clashes, which leads to intrapersonal and interpersonal ego clashes as well…what it really implicate is that there are a lot of questions that are needed to be answered before actually being accustomed of living in a real world. Lot of questions that crop up, like how do I fit in or get well with the new people in the surrounding? Will they be able to accept me? Is there any disadvantage of me being different in my  sense of thoughts and standards of living? How do I cope with the different kinds of problems I am going to face? Should I be prepared? What should I do in order to settle well in the new environment?. There are a lot more dilemmas which a person is sure to face but in my opinion this are the basic things which comes into considerations. Well the answers to the above queries will obviously differ from person to person but the most common thing will be to be able to understand one self as well as the others. Then, for an introvert like me I’d say that It will be quiet hard to get accustomed to it and a whole lot of being open-mindedness and straight forwardness and proper well-being will be required to fit into a world which is completely new for me.

And as far as my opinion and thoughts are concerned I really felt hard to get well into the so-called real life which definitely leads me to feel a sudden strike of loneliness striking through my whole body like a shock! I do face a problem in getting well acquitted with the people around because i tends to have a lot of interpersonal ego clashes. If I am to be considered, Some may think that I have acquired all those needs and wants a girl like me longed for, but on the other hand I felt that thou are lucky who are more happy in mind and soul than possessing all the luxuries of life. God do really balance a human being lives as it is truly said in a  saying — “A happy and peaceful minds conquers all hardships of life”. What should a person follow-up in order to make his or her life more simple and easy to live? The more we grow older. The more we tend to have cruel minds and unwanted thoughts and also unending needs…..Is this what we really live it up for? Are we bound to be like this? Is this what we call the nature of being a human being and the tendencies to change as we live on…???

Facing the world’s reality is important but the key steps is how we are able to cope up and tackle the problem.In this world that we are living in we have a lot of stiff competitions and we need to be qualified to be able to meet our goals and be a reliable person to our family, friends and society as well. So, in this context are we all really capable of being a competent and aggressive youth ready to move the civilization? Are we all ready to face and overcome all hurdles and pains to be a happier and satisfied child of our parents in the days to come? It is such an obvious notion as the world doesn’t have any more places for a good and honest person…The world is in such a bad shape that it is hard for a mere folk to live in….but we, the proud successors are brave, ferocious and competent enough to live up to the expectations and hope of our elders aren’t we? What we need is only integrity, unity and practicality…and the rest will come automatically!!

Lastly, but not the least, I would say that if we have the proper answers and are voluntarily able to fulfill the above requirements then I am proud to say that we all have successfully experience the “real world”.
Some of my thoughts and interpretations of quotes and sayings:

“All that glitters are not gold” — all those who smiles and speaks politely to you may not necessarily be a good person!
“Make hay while the sunshine”– be prepared for the worst thing to come, claims for the best
“A stitch in time saves nine” — do whatever you can while you think of doing it because tomorrow never comes
“Every cloud has a silver lining” — there is always hope after every failure

“Knowledge is power” — being educated is good but a little knowledge is dangerous

“Honesty is the best policy” — but it does not exist anymore in the present world!
“To err is human” — that’s why humans tend to commit mistakes taking it as an advantage
Life is not a bed of roses” — it is full of thorns for the needy and helpless.
“Cruel Intentions” – inability to think of anything else than greed!

**This was an article written by me back in 2008 on my previous blog!:)


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