Confessions of an Impulsive Buyer

Somebody tell me who invented/discovered the Credit Cards/Debit Cards? I will go and thrust all my credit card Bills at his/her face…. 😀 Maybe I was not alerted about the proper use of a card as I consider myself the highest impulsive spender  since recently. I mean isn’t it so easy? You have to just swipe your card, sign on it and you are done. You don’t have to count the cash that you carry; all you need is a card and a signature. This is the main reason why people love carrying cards rather than cash and I am also one of them! Why am I an Impulsive buyer??Because I end up buying more if I like something. For instance, just recently I bought a pair of one of my favorite shoes. I liked it so much; I ended up ordering 2 more pairs!!!My intention was to buy 2 more pairs, which is not the problem. The problem is that along with the 2 more pair of my favorite shoes, I end up buying 2 more T-Shirts and one Top. Now, I admit I got lured by all the sales and availability of various brands and choices I can easily choose from makes me buy extra stuff which I actually didn’t intend to buy. That exactly is the height of an impulsive buyer like me.

Remember the last time you went to a supermarket just to buy some household essential needs but yet you end up buying a little bit of everything else too!!In spite of even writing down and taking a note of all the to- buy list, we tend to always buy at least something or the other extras. The reason for this is simply the allurement of all those different types of goods and stocks available in the supermarket or any general varieties store. Now, Packaging and stacking plays a very important role in a consumers decisions in buying. Because when you go through a section of say, body soap stacked in the supermarket, the first thing that will catch your eyes will be the color of the products. If you are a brand loyal person, it will be a completely different story. But in general, that is simply the reason why big companies invest so much money on their packaging of products. It is such a common occurrence that people always end up buying not what they need, but what they want or what attracts them and this is more professionally termed as “Impulsive buying” behavior.

Impulsive buying is a very common and frequent trait and is believed to be possessed by everyone and I am no exception! Impulsive buying has also exceptionally risen with the rise in online buying,e-commerce sites etc. I mean how many of us didn’t actually get lured by monsoon, winter, autumn and summer sale??Not only the big mega sales but mega discounts also attract us  so much that not only are we lured by the attractiveness of the sales and discounts, we are  inclined to buying things that we do not actually need or intend to buy. Of course, why should we waste the chances of buying things when they are available at a cheaper cost? Why wait for buying it in the coming days? You never know when it may be out of stock before you are able to buy your favorite tops, dress, shirts or shoes.

The other time, no almost every time I went for shopping to buy some stuff for myself, I always end up buying and spending more than what I actually intended to spend. I know this is something of a concern and to be watched out in order to avoid it in future. Yes, I did search and think what I should do in order to stop my tendency of impulsive buying and as I found out, I am fortunately controlling my excitement and trying to close my eyes and avoid it every time I come across an exciting offer or sales on websites, on my email, on Facebook and even the pamphlets of Offer and EMI options that come along with my card statement. I confess I was an Impulsive Buyer but now  I can proudly say and proclaim that I am relieved of my Impulsive buying habit, are you??? 🙂


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