Why I Love Sheldon Cooper!

Everyone who watches The Big Bang Theory will be familiar with this name and probably love him as I do. Sheldon Cooper, a character in the famous American sitcoms comedy series is indeed one of the most hilarious comedian characters that men will ever see in the comedy division of entertainment Industry. Famous for his weird or rather geeky nature and his perfect timings of fun, humor and sarcasm has earned Sheldon a place for himself in comedy creating a niche as the quirky, egoistic and narcissist character who is funny and infuriating at the same time and maybe this apparently is the reason why the creator of Big Bang has conceived for a role which will instantly spread the quirky and sarcastic humor for people of all ages.
As for me, my collision with Sheldon Cooper began when I started watching the Big Bang Theory series from season 1 till season 4. His character is to die for, of course not in terms of love or romantic feelings. But rather the fun filled atmosphere as well as the character Sheldon Cooper himself. At first thought, he might be mistaken as a weird, psychologically disordered, geek, inhuman and even the nerdish of the nerds but once we get to know more about his character and keep watching the series continuously, Sheldon Cooper is the most hilarious, awe inspiring and fantabulous comic character one can ever witness. Just the look of his physical attributes can make me laugh and once he starts uttering even a single word, I go nuts laughing my ass off!
Jim Parsons, as Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory, is humorously the best sitcoms comedian and I am very much a big fan of his. Every time I watched the series, I only watch it for his sake. Sometimes I even have the illusion that I have imbibed similar or a little bit familiar character as him. My use of sarcastic humor has unexpectedly increases and even sometimes I prefer using unusual words which he pretty much prefer using it  himself (in the series of course). Words like coitus are just hilarious in my opinion and all in all I find him and his character intriguing. And for all of you who love slapstick, sarcastic and continuous fun and laughter, I suggest you watch Sheldon Cooper in the Big Bang Theory series. And FYI, the second latest season, Season 5 is going to be aired in India on Zee Café from the ­­­­­­­­­the 6th of August 2012.I myself can’t wait to start watching to experience the fun-filled humor all over again..;). So for all of us Sheldonians or Sheldon Fans, I would like to humbly request Chuck Lorre and his production team to not stop the series. We will keep on supporting so that you can go on continuing with the awesome Sheldon Cooper and his three other Geek/Weird Friends viz, Howard, Raj and Leonard, and of course not to forget the beautiful yet dumb next door girl, Penny!
Below are some of my favorite quotes and lines said by Sheldon in the Series.
Sheldon: But then some poor woman is going to pin her hopes on my sperm, what if she winds up with a toddler that doesn’t know if he should use an integral or a differential to solve for the area under a curve?  
Leonard: I’m sure she’ll still love him.    
Sheldon: I wouldn’t.
“The human body is capable of being flatulent for hours after death”
Penny: Four years I lived with him! Four years, I mean that’s like as long as high school!    
Sheldon: It took you FOUR YEARS to get through high school!
Sheldon: Oh, Mario. How I wish I could control everyone the way I can with you? [Presses buttons frantically]    
Sheldon: Hop, you little plumber! Hop, hop, hop!

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