Mr. Ajit Singh Mofar – You no Brain??

With the recent comments in the national media by the Punjab MLA about all stray dogs to be send to the North East or China, it is shattering and shocking to hear a statement from someone of his status. There can be abruptly two possibilities as to why he made this statement. First, either he lost his “MIND” while making this particular statement or Second, he intentionally made the statement with a perfect and stable state of “MIND”. Well, even if we or he tries to take it back, it wont be possible, what has been said is said and we cannot change or take it back. But the question that arises here is, is there any agenda as to why he is saying something like this?? Is this another political gimmick?Or is this his way of treating and commenting on people and places where he does not belong?


Well, going astray for a while, after reading his article about his statement, I was googling him and oh my! When I saw his image, I was hell scared at the look of his face!he grows his beard as if he is going to take it with him to heaven?or is it hell??I was expecting somebody with a better or at least a bit polished man in his 50’s or 60’s but I saw a Grandpa who looks as if he is already in his 70’s or 80’s. No offense intended but I was just stating my observation and first impression about you Mr. Mofar, and by the way is your surname the short form of M ***** F****R??.

Okay Jokes aside, I think that as a responsible leader and a respected MLA, he should not be making that statement at least in front of public and even making a big fuss about the issue. If there are so many stray dogs in their state, they the people should be responsible for taking care of the same, why should they or he needs the help of a place to dump what he thinks is a nuisance for his state?Ah and one more thing, Mr. Mofar, there are a lot of stray snakes in the jungles of the north east, shall we dump them in the main streets and city of Punjab?You can at least feed them milk and light an incense stick in front of them!

On a serious note, this was not expected from a leader like you who should be thinking for the welfare of the people of the nation and not only the people of the state.And by the way I strongly believe that you have been already receiving condemnation letters filled in your mail and post boxes. Though I did not want to add on to the already filled condemnation, I am obliged as a responsible citizen of the country to give you a message that you do have a brain and you can utilized that brain for a better purpose rather than filthying your almost retiring brain with stupid and reckless remarks.


2 thoughts on “Mr. Ajit Singh Mofar – You no Brain??

  1. I agree that he went way beyond his statement. But he was talking about the rise of street dogs biting in his constituency and rallied the legislature to do something about the situation. I think we should not boiled into one-side, that is, picking on the man. He use Nagaland and Mizoram – he’s careful enough. Both states are known to relish eating of dog meat.


  2. I agree with you completely and I also admit that You and I are in no position to judge these MLA’s, MP’s or even any other political leaders but If he is smart and considerate enough to suggest his ideas to his legislature, i believe he will also be wise enough to perceive the result and consequences of making such statement.


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