My Experience with “Wings of Fire”

All of us are aware of APJ Abdul Kalam’s book “Wings of Fire” and all of us agree that he has taken a very hard battle to reach where he is today. From his childhood till now, the journey he has gone through has been intriguing and inspiring for every Indians. From his childhood to his scientist day, he has never once got or chose the option of not moving on and stuck to his pursuit of success for himself as well as a change in the rocket science of the Indian history. He very much contributes to the inspiration and motivation of all other scientist that our country has ever produced and will produce in future.

I was also recently reading the book about his life and biography and have had very inspiring moments for myself after reading few chapters of his life. I thought to myself that how common and poor backgrounds like him can become one of the most renowned scientists of our country and also even the president to govern the nation. But then I realized the hardships that he have went through, the courage to keep going and the perseverance that he has underwent throughout his life is so unique that there will be a very rare number of people who have the same quality that he possess. Not only that, throughout my journey of the book, I love reading the prompting quotes, lines that he quoted in between his stories. It is truly heartening and a joy to go through his little inspiring lines which increases the joy and enlightenment of every reader.

After I read the book, I completely got inspired, whole hearten and thankful to have read the book. By the way who referred that book to me??No one I suppose, it suddenly struck my mind one day to read biographies of great leaders of the world and the first thing that came into my mind was his book “Wings of Fire”. Now I know why this book specially struck my mind as if it was meant for me to be read. This book truly raises the spirit of achievement, success, perseverance and struggle of a commoner to a respected and deserving leader of a nation. My respect for him has exceptionally risen and my realization of my capabilities has tremendously increased giving me a whole new confidence in myself and my capabilities to become someone successful and achiever in life. Thank you Mr. Kalam for those inspiring and intriguing truths about yourself which I am sure will be a lesson and influence to every reader an all inspiring Indians who want to change the nation in one way or the other for a better tomorrow.

P.S. This book is a MUST read for each and every aspiring Indian!


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