Social Media- A Boon or a Bane

Your Facebook account or your other social media account may help you reunite with your long lost friend or get in touch with your old classmates but that same account can create a distance between you and your partner or even spoil your long time strong and stable relationship or even marriage for that matter. Not only social networking sites, the rise in instant messages, IM’s, BBM, Whatsapp and many more private and mobile messaging applications have had its share of impact on the status of a relationship. I am not saying that these situations are sure to happen at some point but if we calculate the possibility it is something which is surely perceived to fall out eventually one way or the other. While you may want to argue my statement saying that it depends on the way how one uses these social media’s sites. I would like to clarify that these situations are bound to happen but not necessarily going to occur and I completely agree with the argument but my point is that I am just giving a brief description or an example of the possibilities.

Technology has taken a toll on human’s life. In fact, it is already ruling us and making our life almost impossible to live without it (at least that’s what I think!). I mean, life was as simple and as normal as possible before we have technology boom or for that matter, before we have Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and all other what not’s. But with the rise in technology and advanced in science, ideas and innovations, human beings tends to become a part of these sphere circled by technology. We are no more satisfied with switch fans, we want remote control fans or worse air conditioning or even worse split air conditioning, our wants has exceeded our needs. We are no longer content with the size and display of our television sets. The list goes on but what I actually wanted to convey here is that we have truly become slothful by the day in our effort to lead an easier and more advanced life.

Keeping in consideration the situation and the hypothesis that arises, can we say that the rise in technology and its akin will or does not have an impact on our daily life? Can we not agree to a point that somewhere our virtual life is more active than our actual life? Do you agree with what I say or is it just me? Even if it’s just me, I strongly feel that technology has controlled the daily life of humans. We cannot stay without our mobile handsets; it has become a crucial part of our life and has made our life easier but more complex as well. Our virtual friends are 10 times more than our actual real life friends isn’t it? We are more close and open to our virtual friends compared to our real life friends. And we are more dedicated and committed to our virtual life rather than concentrating on our actual life. In fact some people are more concerned about their virtual status than their true real life status.

Last but not the least all I wanted to say is that these ideas, thoughts and opinions are based solely on my own personal observation and experience and the common trend that arises through these boom in the use of technology and rise in social and digital media’s. And to conclude, it is my strong belief that as much as the era of technology boom help in advancing the life and make things easy, it does also have a negative impact on human kind and our daily and crucial aspects of life.


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