“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions” – Dalai Lama

How true is the above lines said by the holy and spiritual leader and how bitter truth it is to find and cultivate happiness for oneself. How does one finds happiness in life? Or how does one make himself happy throughout his life?Living your life happily or showing as if you are happy, is it the true sense of being happy and content in life?

Happiness, what exactly is happiness in life?how does one define it or feels that he is happy?For a child, happiness maybe a small gesture of kind and care from parents or  playing with friends. For a student, a good result with good grades in class can make him a happy person. For a lover, happiness may lies in the smile of his loved ones. For Parents, happiness will be the smile and laughter of their kids, and For a Mother, just the little smile of her child can be happiness. There are so many  little ways that can make one happy in life but it doesn’t make one happy throughout his life.Happiness or being happy is just a temporary occurrence which fill the heart with love and joy for a single moment, an hour, a day, a month or so. But what about the ultimate and permanent happiness in life? Is it achievable by mere Humans or is it something which is out of our reach?

There is another quote which clearly says; “Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect, it means that you decided to look beyond the Imperfections.” So basically, this quotes states that looking away or ignoring imperfections is another option for being happy. Does it means we have to avoid imperfections rather than striving towards it or challenging oneself to perfection? It is an universal truth that No Man is perfect but striving towards perfection makes a Man close to perfection and that is when he will be content and satisfied with his life for the endeavors and struggles that he have undergone in life to achieve perfection. At the end, challenging oneself to perfection is more worthwhile than achieving the perfection itself. Happiness will be achieved only when you undergo the struggles and hardship to achieve that ultimate objective in life. This will lead to the worthwhile satisfaction and achieving happiness in ones whole life.

So many philosophers and great leaders have  quoted their own thoughts and ideas about finding the true and ultimate happiness in life, but for me – Happiness is a sequence or multiple process where in if one door of happiness close, another one opens. This shows how we should never be paralyzed about not finding happiness in life because if there is sadness, there is happiness and likewise, there is always a way out of life or whatever works or ways we are stuck up with in life. It also teaches us how to be motivated and strong willed enough to hope for the rays of happiness to shine on us after a stormy and dark nights of sadness and turmoil. Finding happiness in life is not easy nor it is difficult, we just have to know how to make ourselves happy and the people around us whom we care and cherished the happiness with.That, according to me is the ultimate secret of being successful and satisfied in Life.



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