To Mom, with Love…!

Dear Mom,
I know you will never expect me to write to you but today I wanted to tell you what I have always felt about me, what I learn from you and how you have been a true inspiration.
You bore me for 9 months so that I can become a full and complete body after which you bring me into this wonderful world to see, experience and acknowledge the beauty of each and everything around me. You take care of me every single moment wishing the best for me and protecting me from all harms. You toiled hard and suffered so that I can grow up with good health and become a good person and Mom, never once did you complained!
 You taught me never to commit to wickedness and lead me to the path of honesty and righteousness but Mom, I realized the dark side of the world and experience the darker side of people which disturbed my thoughts and changed my opinion about how I see the world. With you and remembering whatever you taught me to believe, it was so much brighter and peaceful to live in this world but without you the darkness prevails all around leaving me blind and unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
You always teach me how to be kind, humble and honest come what may but you know what Mom, the world showed me that kindness, humbleness and honesty is already a thing of the past because it has ceased to exist in this age. I wonder if every other kid like me also feels the same about the changes in the condition of the world and its foul and filthy atmosphere circling all over, ruining the minds of people and devouring the lives of the nature’s gifted animals and plants. Mom, this is how I see the world I am living in right now and I hope you forgive me if I have interpreted it in the way I shouldn’t have.
You taught me all those great and kind words which I need to follow and I thank you for your untiring, never give up attitude which I wish I have also imbibed it in me. I am sorry if I have not fulfilled or become what you have wanted me to be but Mom, the world has ruined me and my thoughts. How I wish I can be with you always and around you so that I don’t have to face the wrath, deceptive and masked behavior of others. Mom, Is it your way of teaching me how to face the obstacles and overcome it??If so, let me tell you that I have seen and faced what you want me to see and learn. And I assure you even though hurdles, difficulties and all the dark storms of the world hovers upon me, I will fight and overcome the storm of life because I know that is what you want me to do and I know, my triumphs is yours!
Last but not the least; I wanted to convey how I couldn’t thank you enough for what you have made me what I am today. I wish I can ease at least a bit of your burden and lighten your pressure of wishing the best for me. But I wanted you to know that I will strive to take the path you wanted me to lead and reach my destiny with joy and excitement as long as you stand as my backbone and my source of inspiration which you already are.
Lastly, no matter what I always love you and I will always be just a call away whenever you need me. Happy Mother’s Day. I salute your courage,your endurance and your perseverance.

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