The Supernatural Craze

Lately my sister and I have been a crazy fan of the TV Series Supernatural. From Season one till Season Six, we have been following the series every single day as it broadcast in the channel star world India. We would never miss even a single episode and rather even watch repeated broadcast of the week’s episode during the weekend. Such is the addiction we have for this series.


Now, the only reason why we like the show and love watching it every single day is just because firstly, Dean Winchester aka Jensen Ackles is so hot and handsome. No girl will take her eyes off of him, ditto to us! Secondly the series is a thriller genre which we both siblings are a big fan of and last but not the least, the story of the series is hugely intriguing and overwhelming to watch.


These days though it is a little bit discouraging as there is not repeat telecast of the daily episodes as it used to be earlier. What happen is the normal show timing is Monday through Friday at 9pm in the evening and the repeat telecast is at 12 am which is more convenient for us to watch. But now, the repeat telecast has been removed and replaced by the animated show “Family Guy”. Since my sister works late, she is not able to catch up the normal telecast at 9 and she would watch the repeated telecast at 12 midnight. But as I mentioned, she is totally deprived of both the normal as well as the repeated telecast. Dear Star World India, you’ve got to do something about this, seriously!


We both have become so grown with the series and become a big fan of both the main cast of the show and the series as a whole that sometimes we even see each other as demons with black eyes. Call it a bluff or just hallucination but such is our addiction to the show that it has gotten into us literally!!:D Apart from that I have a poster big enough of Jensen Ackles stuck in the walls of my room to portray my love and craze for him and his show!

Supernatural first season was started in 2005 by Erick Kripke which is about two brothers fighting demons. The series is about two brothers who fights and hunts down demons as a vengeance for the murder of their mother and father and also to save people from being either possessed by demons or killed by demons. The series stars Jensen Ackles as the big brother Dean Winchester while Jared Padalecki plays the role of the younger brother Sam Winchester. The Winchesters are hunters of demons and saviors of lives and people. The 5th season of the series is currently being broadcasted in Star World India from 9 to 10pm and the 6th Season is telecast on AXN India at 7pm in the evening and repeated again at 10pm in the night. Right now the 7th Season is running in the US.


3 thoughts on “The Supernatural Craze

  1. this show base on siblings relationship and i’m emotionaly connected with this show because i have mother like oler sister who rise me aftermy mom’s death so this show is est show ever


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