Lessons Learnt,Implementing and Sharing…!!

How odd and anguishing it is to realize that things don’t turn out the way you plan and expect it to be. How hard and tormenting it is to see your high aims and dreams crumble down right in front of you. Your hopes and wishes shattered, your clamant unheard and unheeded. When you think you are living the best part of your life happily, a sudden and uncalled incident hits you so hard that it swept away all the short yet sweet merry phase of your life.

I am sure we all come across that particular stage of life when we feel dreaded unwanted and hope less, as if you are stuck in a closed and dark room trying to shout but nobody can hear you, searching for the slightest ray of light but realized there is not a single hole in the room and you try to escape but there is no escape route at all. What should one do when facing similar situation? Should one just hugs what he is destined to or try to fight his way out?

Many a times we hear and read about positive thinking, motivation, self-motivation, encouragement and living life positively but in spite of thousands and thousands of books being published, movies made and spiritual and motivational leaders lecturing about the positive aspects of life, there are still people who commits suicide, drugged themselves to death or end their lives in the most brutal way just because they are not ready to take life or face the negative vibes of lives that befalls them. Is there any answer for the ever growing number of suicides due to low self-esteem or de-motivation?

I don’t think there will be but the best option is “Prevention is better than cure”. So in order to prevent demotivation or discouragement, I would like to share some of the points that I have followed for myself (not that I feel suicidal!!) at least when I am down or feels down.

  • Think for the future, “NEVER EVER DWELL IN THE PAST” – to be strongly noted.

  • Do what you love, follow your heart’s desire not your minds.

  • Spread love, even to your enemy because it will annoy them so much they won’t have any option but to love you back!

  • Be humble and noble as much as you can because this will make you an ideal and respected person no matter what your status is.

  • Honesty is the best policy! – Applicable in every fields so apply it as much as you can.

  • Be more a listener than a speaker.

  • Do not judge people before knowing them at a personal level.

  • Appreciate and applaud the people who contribute to your happiness and your life.


At least one or the other from above will help one in realizing our own positive sides rather than concentrating on our negative thoughts. It works for me and hope it works for you too. Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions.










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