When Life gives you lemons, the best option is to make lemonade, have a mouthful and enjoy each and every drop of it. The irony here is that people tends to consider the humor part of it and make a farce about the whole quotation rather than or intentionally avoid to understand the actual reason behind the statement. But isn’t that a part of life?? You cannot just expect everything and assume everything to be serious and hard to the core, we just have to be able to take things lightly and humor ourselves often for our own personal amuse.


I agree and admit that in life, we do come across many hurdles and difficulties in each and every spheres but it is our choice and ours only on how to take and face that hurdles. I live my life happily and merrily don’t mean I do not face difficulty in my own personal life. It’s just that I know how to take it lightly and accept it as another passing cloud hoping to see the rays of light again. But what I actually perceive for myself and my life may not be necessarily similar to what you do and it is not expected from everybody to have the same perception, same thoughts and opinions about anything or everything in life. We all are different and unique in our own ways and we have our own rightful choices and decisions to make which is solely our own responsibility. I cannot judge a person by how he takes a particular decision about his personal life. That will be just ridiculous!


In relationships, evolution and life cycle’s makes it complicating and confusing sometimes. You treat someone especially considering that he/she is special to you and important to be a part of your life but it rarely happens that that person will have the same feelings and opinions about what you feel for him/her. If you both are in a relationship, no doubt she/he will care for you and love you but maybe you are just another person who she have an affair with or he/she is not serious about relationships as much as you are. So in these circumstances, it will be so ridiculous to question a person for not feeling the same way as you do about him/her wouldn’t it?


Family matters to a part of everyone’s life. We have family because we are human beings and we have feelings so to share and convey our feelings, God has given us a precious gift in the form of families and brothers and sisters. We may fight and have tiffs with our own family member but it doesn’t mean that we are not close as a family because nobody can snatch that relationship you have with your family and the fact that you are close knit and have a blood relationship is something undeniable to anyone or by anyone. But for instance, even siblings, we are not all similar, our brothers or our sister maybe more successful in their life and career than us or for that matter more wealthy and self-sufficient than us. There are inequalities in each and every one of us and instead of understanding those inequalities and accepting our fate designed already for each one of us, it will be just so ridiculous to blame our parents for not equally making all our siblings and us rich or successful in life or for that matter at least put us in the same status.

At the end of the day, its one’s perception that ultimately decide on how he/she handles life and face the hurdles in her/his own way. If you ask me, Life for me is ridiculous and I will be just happy to laugh it off but not always ;);)!!


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