This Life has taken its toll on me!!

Is everybody feeling the same way as I do when they reach this stage in life or is it me just being weird and different? Well, I cannot say anything about what others felt or say about themselves but I can surely share my experience about this particular stage of my life.
 Since I was a kid and till I finish my high school, I have never once ever saw myself even looking a tad healthier or fat. I have always been thin, lean and slim my whole life until few years back. If you ask me, I myself did not expect this change to happen to my physical self but at least I thought it’s for a change for good. Maybe I became lazier by the day or maybe I am just eating the right food and a balanced diet which makes me gain weight. I know most of you may think that it’s a natural phenomenon for a girl to complain about their weight and looks but let me tell you all a secret I have never been eager to share, I have never complain about being slim or being fugly or being beautiful so for me suddenly becoming self-aware about my physical changes is something unexpected even to myself.
Well, I am not complaining but what I do realize is that maybe the changes in the external environment, the place and the food that you eat surely have an impact on your health and physical looks. For Instance, my hometown is a place where there hardly is a summer season where as Mumbai is a city where there is no winter at all so for a girl like me who comes from a place where there is no summer and settle to a place where there hardly is a winter season surely is responsible for my looks, diet and my daily routine. It’s not only the climate or weather but many other features that contribute to all the changes that occur in our body.
And now, due to all this impact and influences, I believe, don’t know whether it’s true or not but I do feels that I have started putting on a lot of weight then required. I become lazier because I can get easy mode of transport to the nearest destination and it is also preferable to sit inside an auto rickshaw then to bear the scorching Mumbai Heat(We all love convenience dont we??;). My life as a whole is becoming plumper because of my plump body structures and my improper diet. Dear God, when can I change myself again? Please show me some light because my present life and my continuous weight gain (rather than weight lose ) has taken its toll on me…:D:D

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