101 Days with an Iphone

After a lot of research on the internet,feedback’s from known and unknown people and much deliberation to my inner self I finally decided to buy an Iphone to myself. One obvious reason for this decision probably is the stylish and sleek feature of the phone and also as we are all aware the name itself tells it all. So there I was on the 21st of December 2011 standing in queue in front of an ATM to withdraw cash to buy myself an Iphone.After deciding the colors I finally go for the white one and that was the moment I proudly self proclaimed myself an Apple fan not that I wasn’t much interested prior to that day, I always fancy having an Apple Phone for myself so that was it.
Now, as we all know,the leading innovator of all times Mr. Steve Jobs died about 75 days prior to me having an iphone.I thought maybe his death and the publicisation of his company has a great influence on my decision about the Iphone. So I think he is a damn good marketer who can influence his buyers/customers in spite of not being alive anymore.So RIP Mr. Jobs, not that I wish him to RIP(Return if Possible) but at least R.I.P(Rest in Peace).
Okay coming back to my iphone experience, at first I was more than overwhelmed to have and carry around the handset because the logo at the back of the phone itself is a style quotient(At least I think so!!). And apart from that the sleek design, the unlimited apps that can be installed and played with is such an out of the world experience(I believe all iphone fans will agree to this one..:)So I was more than happy and satisfied with my decision. Then comes the whacky part where I got so lured by the number of apps downloadable in iTunes store that I just cannot stop downloading all the apps that appeals to me, from networking popular apps to ibooks to utilities and even education.It was all there in my iTunes record but little did I know that downloading more than the usual number of apps can be harmful for my handset. Forget iTunes I was even downloading all themes,winter board themes,songs and apps through the jail breaking version including cydia. So there I was satisfied and content enough with my apps and themes included in my iphone.
All was going well until the 90th day of my iphone experience did I notice that my process has been going pretty slow, the usual time to open and close an app was 5-10seconds earlier but then it took more than a minute to open and close an app. I was pretty much surprise by this unexpected treatment from my phone. Sometimes In spite of ending a call, the screen just cant disappear..and even when I type a message or so, it takes longer for the actual words to appear in the message screen. Then I started realizing that my phone is suffering from keeping up with time deficiency(LOL) which really sadden me and my opinions about the phone.So I took an initiative of uninstalling the least important apps hoping that it will be back to normal but alas!! It just stay the same and I was left with no option.
After a lot of thoughts and frustration luring in my head which really makes me confused and lose control of my anger and impatience, I decided to flung the phone on the floor of my apartment.Then there lies my once precious iphone scattered in pieces….I regret my action and I wish I can undo what I have done but I was left with no choice but to send my dear Iphone to the Iphone doctor leaving me with no phone at all. After all, I am paying the price of my impatiences and aggression. So there ends my sweet yet sour 101 days with an Iphone…!

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