To Hell With Nature

Existence, Life and death, living your life, purpose of living, justification of your existence, living life to the fullest, meeting your existence requirements, creating a meaningful existence, spreading your positive vibes to everyone around. These all are the factors which determine the reason of your existence??I often think to myself, rather I tend to think too much about these things this days I don’t know what is wrong with me but I do now one thing for sure that I am exploring myself and trying to find the reason for my existence. Time, Time, Time, it does not wait for anybody; it goes with its own wrath and choice. I wish I could go back to the past and undo all the things that I have done which creates a bad impression on my existence today. I wish I could go back and do all the things that I was scared and too coward to do it which could have help me feel proud today without any regrets.

I know I cannot change anything from my past and I cannot be so sure about what will come in future but the effects of the past creates and leave a scar in your present that it will remain with you in future. I do not understand the law of nature and the cycle of existence. I bet science itself cannot understand the evolution of one’s own destiny and the turn of events in anybody’s life. They say “As you sow, so shall you reap” but why is there no quote for what we sow, that other people reaps. Is it justified if someone else reaps what you sow and someone else enjoys the fruits you have been working so hard on? Why is life so unfair to somebody or is it unfair to everybody in the world. Why is there always a difference in status and dignity??Why are some people poor and some people so rich that they do not know how to spend their own money?? Why is somebody so famous while some do not even realize their own name and status??Why is it that some people are beautiful while some feels that their looks ruin their life and destiny? Why isn’t their equality in everything??Why don’t we be equal in all??At the end of the day aren’t we all a human being made by the same creator?? Is it our fault that we are different in our own ways or should we blame our creator that he did not give us the same advantage that one of us have?? Does our creator have a reason why he doesn’t fairly makes us similar in all ways? Who is it to blame??Shall one blame his misfortune by birth to somebody else or the creator?

The nature of life is the most complex things in this world and I am sure no mere humans will be able to understand it. We whine, we complain, we cry, we laugh, we jump with joy, we cripple when misfortune befalls us. I believe this is the laws of nature. You cannot be happy all the time nor can you be sad your whole life. Nature gives you a time for everything. There is time for everything, we just have to embrace whatever comes to us and happily accept it. But what if you are not ready to accept your destiny? What if you try to change the law of nature and bend it your own way? Will there be a consequence??Is this how nature’s law works? Is one guilty if he bends the law of nature? Will he be punished for his wish of living his choice of life? Is he guilty of the fact that he tries to live his life his own way? What are the drawbacks of living your own life your own way??Are we not independent and free enough to break nature’s law and live it the way we want??Does nature have wrath that can punish us if we don’t go as its wish??I did not, I don’t and I will never understand this law of nature or whatever you call it but one thing I surely understand is that I hate my life so much right now, I feel like crumpling and cursing everything that makes me exist. Somebody tell me where is nature, I want to destroy all of it and whatever laws it has put on human beings.


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