Love or craze!!



It was probably 8 years back,a hostel in the outskirt of the town that i was born and brought up in,i was just passing my 7th grade and started our session for 8th grade when a friend of mine introduced me to this particular heavy metal band.Those days I was more hooked to pop,rock and girls band and singers and not much into metal or heavy fact I didn’t even know the differences between the genres..:-)

That was the first time i listened to a metal band and the first song i heard which got me hooked onto this band was their song “In the End”Little did I know that taking the first step of listening their song for the first time will have such an impact on my preference in music and the types of genres i listen to,the fixation i constantly have for Chester bennington,the non-stop and never bored attitude towards their songs and albums.Till then on I have been a self proclaimed biggest fan of Linkin Park.Not only myself alone,but we bunch of girls literally become their fans and even named ourselves after each of the actual band members;mine being Chester bennington which later on I realize that our name rhymes as in Esther Chester though i was pretty much unaware that time.

We have finished our studies in that school and have gone our separate ways but that addiction to the band and their music still lives within me and till now,whenever i feel blue,need some time yo myself,or just want to hear some good music,Linkin Park and their songs have helped me relax and soothes my mind all the way…

For all and on behalf of all Linkin Park and Chester Bennington Fans all i wanted to say and convey the message to the band that you have been,you are and you will always rule our heart.We love you with all our mind,body and soul[is it too much??;-)]and we will keep on listening to what you can offer us.And a special and humble request to linkin park,from and on behalf of all fans from India,Please come for concert in India..I am willing to pay and do anything to attend your concert and i believe there are a lot of people out here who feels the same as i do.

P.S.I am ever ready even to be the 100th wife of Chester bennington!!call that pure love or craze,you decide..:-)


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