What an irony it is to make a go round out of your career!!The title for this post is inspired by the adventurous spin around ride “Merry Go-Round”. Why I use this??Because somewhere I feel that in my life, I have myself gone through a round and twist of career decision and what I exactly wanted to be in my life, from childhood till now, so the name…Enjoy the career ride..!!! I still remember when I was in grade VI, whenever our teachers used to ask what We want to become in life when we grow up, I always recall myself saying I wanted to become a Doctor, an Engineer or most probably a Government Officer and I was so sure and confident about my ambition that time that I will surely become one among the three mentioned. But as time passed by my objectives and perception changes. during Xth standard I clearly recall filling up my friends slam book mentioning I wanted to become an author or a Professor in the Aim in Life section. Seriously, I didn’t realized I would be changing my objective and ambition with the change of time.Then comes 12th Standard where I got addicted to reading books and Novels and thus adversely had an impact on my idea about my aim in life. When people asked me the most common and normal question stating “What would you like to do after you passed your 12th Standard?” pat came my response that I want to become a Psychologist. Seriously??Did I wanted to study people’s mind and thoughts and judge them on that basis?I will never know why, but the sheer excitement and ability to study people’s thoughts and mind seems appealing to me so that was my only objective in life till I finish my 12th Standard.

The irony here is I never studied or pursued any of the career or profession that I mentioned when I was younger because after all this self made dreams and objectives I ended up doing my graduation in Business Management. I ridiculed my proneness to changes and the twist and turn I took in deciding about my aim in life and the worse part, literally not pursuing any of them!! I know I am not the only person in life who has undergone this kind of changes in deciding about their aims and objectives for life but somewhere I consider myself and my case more unique and different from others only because I feel that I made a lot of turns and twist to decide upon a particular ambition for life. Experts always says Life is what you make of it and following your passion is what makes your life worthwhile so I think I believe in that. Saying I want to become an engineer or a Doctor just because you have seen a lot of people doing it or your society or community only respect people with this profession is not the ultimate solution for following one’s heart and passion.Rather, I feel that we need to realized the strength in ourselves, the passion we have for and doing things which makes us happy!!There is no profession or career in life which is not worth it as long as you enjoy doing it and are happy and content with it.


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