Manipur–The Forgotten State??


 Manipur, the neighboring state of Nagaland and also one of the 7 sister states in the North Eastern part of India  has been always the prey of all blockades and strikes as long as I can recall, from all types of infamous political insurgents, student bodies,organizations bodies and the likes who are  residing within and outside the  state. All these people do is either block the national highways or call a bandh when and where there is disagreement with the government,the ruling party or disapproval to any decision by the system.Whichever body or groups hold this strikes and bandh should be human enough to understand and see the pain and sufferings of common people effected by their actions.


As far as I can remember, this blockade has been always a good excuse to hamper the daily lives of the people in Manipur and this is nothing new for anybody residing there and not a huge crisis either because the state has suffered a lot in the hands of the government as well as the insurgents or militants residing within. The pathetic condition of the civilians has reach its heights and it is truly unbearable as the education systems get affected mostly when there is bandh or strikes and schools has to be shut down for weeks and weeks, and even months sometimes, depriving student’s of their right to education and putting their education in jeopardy. Not only this, the daily work and employed people are also a victim of this crisis and havoc that hit the states almost every 2 months. Such is the condition of the state that people are force to either move out to other cities to mainland India for better education or better employment.


All these blockades, strikes and bandhs has paralyzed the economic as well as the proper development of the state leaving its people to suffer and lived their live in agony and turmoil. Now the question is, why is any group,body or union given the full authority to endangered the lives and living condition of the people of Manipur? Shouldn’t the Government be responsible enough to keep a tight watch on this crisis so that it does not hamper the daily lives of people who are suffering under this??These blockades are not just a weeks or months blockade, they goes more than 3-4 Months at times and I am sure, the issue reach the Government early enough to resolve it before it reach its ultimatum and effect the people and the state at its worst . But it’s the Indian Government and its the North East, obviously the Mainland Government turns blind eyes on issues related to North East and until and unless the media address it on public interest, Government do not take required action or steps to resolve any dispute or manner, and as we all know, Media is strongly ignorant of any parts of North Eastern states, forget Manipur alone. Such is the pathetic condition of the Indian Government and such is the step motherly treatment of the Government towards any issue or crisis in the North Eastern States.


If Pandit Nehru has been alive today, he would have surely said “The Jewels of India has lost its luster and beauty” but that will not matter anything to the UPA’s Government alive today! And after all this if you asked me If Manipur has become the forgotten state? I will proudly say not at all because in spite of all communal, ethnic, socio and political disharmony prevailing within the state, it is still a land of beauty and nature which is a heaven on its own and I am proud to be a normal girl hailing from this state because wherever and whenever my identity is questioned, it will traced it back to my roots and that is this state and I am proud of it.Now, you may want to conclude thinking that I am what??Yes, I am patriotic and I know a lot more people out there feels the same about Manipur, my birth land..


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