My Alma mater

In spite of being out for more than 5 years, there cannot be possibly any other place,school and/college that beats my high school Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya in Tuinom, Churachandpur,Manipur.I stayed there for 7 complete years and I swear to God,those years were the most memorable and happiest day of my life and yes the saddest days as well because if we laugh, we cry too and if we are happy,sadness is not far away either.The fun we had ,the laugh,the chatter,the pranks,the enjoyment all the way…whew!!what a life it was and what can beat that kind of life I had there..It was fantabulously awesome,rejuvenating,hilarious and beautiful all in all.

It all started way back in the year 2000, that too exactly one year before the merciless terrorist attack of the World Trade Center in US which is 9/11 to be precise, that was the day I got admitted to JNV, the place that taught me a lot of things good and bad, the place where I shaped up and groom my characters, the place where i learned and realized  my personal self. At first, I was disgusted with just the thought of being away from home but after 7 years of staying there  I have to leave, that is when I  felt I am  away from home..The feeling of nostalgia filled me more than I could ever imagine in my life till now. That was the only place where I actually belong, the place I can call it my home away from home with all the friends I have and the merry all the way,enjoying each moment that passes by. I left after completing my high school in the year 2007, I shifted to Mumbai for my graduation but the joy and enjoyment was never the same as before and it will never be the same again.

Now, After 5 years,I am sitting here and walking back that memory lane makes me feel nostalgic and blue. I will always missed that place and I will always cherished the good times I spend there with my closest friends. A tribute to all my classmates and friends who have stayed with me and accompany me in my journey for 7 years…Cheers!!

A small excerpt and rough poem that I wrote about my high school life in our classmates website at


sitting  till late at night, chatting all the way!
Unaware of the time that goes by, waiting for none
enjoying each new day with a special flavor of fun and excitement;
pretending to be the most loved ones and praised by all,
Attending the classes, fancying a dreamland……
studying for the exams at the last moment;
Participating in an event, proud of being a part of a team;
making an excuse; an amateur in doing so.
telling a white lie; an expert in the field!
having a fun filled moments with close friends…
kiddish in nature and behavior, loving the way!
making a group; ruling the world!
lots of innovative and funny ideas..
practicing it and implementing it…
having all the fun and enjoyment ever in life….
wow!! that was our days during high school..
never thought we are gonna part with dear friends..
the world is ours and we are dominating it
our words is what we only believe..
a day passed like a second…
making us more enthusiastic and fun loving
cracking all those funny jokes and playing pranks
walking with head looking up the skies….
dare to whoever mess with us..
the best  days of our life…
each and every moments worth cherishing….
high school was the best days of our life!!



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