The Big Indian Tragedy

India,our country is famous for everything big and huge.From festivals to weddings to crime rates to population and now a new and unearthed side of the nation is the big tragedy that hit the country politically,economically and socially. I would like to elaborate a little each about the tragedy of our country which accumulate and leads to the Big Tragedy.

Firstly, If we talk about the population, it is standing at precisely 1.21 billion which is  around 17% of the total earth population,again which is huge.When India gained independence from the United Kingdom sixty years ago, the country’s population was a mere 350 million. Since 1947, the population of India has more than tripled.This rise in population has tremendously lead to rise in crime rates, foeticide(especially female–India is still a land of discrimination against girls and women). Now the country’s resource is unable to handle the pressure of its people which leads to a lot of hindrance in the proper growth and development of an individual and the whole country as a whole.

Secondly, the political scenario of the country has gone worst as usual.The 2G scam creates a havoc all over getting all high diplomats arrested and acquitted for it as well as the recklessness of the governing people in making the Commonwealth Games being hosted by the country a total failure, the main reason of all these being corruption.Its spreading hugely and making the country and people suffer under its wrath. Now, we do have people like Anna Hazare and its nationwide supporter who fights against  the corruption virus of the country, but as per an article i read recently about respected people like Ms. Kiran Bedi being charged for corruption when she herself is fighting for anti-corruption in the country. I wont go into details and judge whether Ms. Bedi is guilty or innocent but the fact that she has been accused of doing something which she fights for sounds completely nuisance and tragic to me.

Third is the economic condition of the country, the hike in each and everything,from vegetables to daily used items to petrol which never decrease but keep on rising its price. I don’t know why our country’s petrol price is considerable much higher to other country because as per latest reseach in china petrol is priced at INR 38, in Sri Lanka  its INR 44 and in South Africa its INR 55  . The spending ratio has risen and the income ratio has increased but it does not mean inflation will hit such high that it is difficult for  a middle class people to live their daily life.Inflation and price hike is something the government should always keep a  serious watch on.

Now, All these and a lot more are still the hindrance in the supposed growth of the country.If we blame the government,we are blaming ourselves because we choose the government. So lets make sure we don’t face this kind of tragedy  for ourselves as well as the country by choosing the right government and the right leader who can handle and create a change for us, the people!!Keep this in mind before you vote for the next election.


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