Well,Well,Well,I Love You…!!

This is meant only and only  for Jimmy Wales and his team at Wikipedia. Its been hardly 10 days I started blogging in word press but  I can say for sure that I am addicted to it!!Seriously, I don’t expect myself to be so engrossed in personal blogging site but Word press has proven me wrong and gave me that boost to write and express my thoughts and opinions no matter what the topic is.

As I mentioned in my first word press post, I was on the journey of exploring each and everything possible in the word press blogging site and my findings got me awestruck…This is truly the platform for  open source blogging and online publishing for each and everyone and I suggest all internet and bloggers out there to try this for yourself and get overwhelmed by its ability to do numerous things which will change  the dimensions of your opinion about blog sites and content management systems. And obviously this is the most popular CMS(Content Management Systems) on the Internet with a user of approximately 14.7 millions. Now,  that is Gross..!!

So, once again I love you Jimmy Wales  and your team for this and hope that you get more traffic and bloggers in your awesome and user friendly blogging site. Keep up the good work and all the best to you and your team for your future endeavors while I am here  blogging  my ass out …LOL!

Ah! and one more thing, Jimmy Wales, You look so hot in your picture here on the right side of my post…;)



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