“King of Good Times hit by a Catastrophe”

Kingfisher Airlines incurring lost due to high cost of fuels is probably the  latest news that hit the nation.As per latest media source, the airline has suffered a whooping 469 crores which results in the airlines daily schedules being  cut and adversely has an impact on other airlines like Jet Airways,Indigo,GoAir etc to increase the fares of their  Flights, which on the other hand  is profitable for other airlines but a bane  to people who are flying in the air. Well, this has create a tremendous havoc in the industry even affecting the Government. As per the meeting and Appeal made by Vijay Mallya the Owner of the UB Group to the Finance Ministers for a financial assistance to recover his  loss, it is quite not understandable why the Government should utilized the People’s money to revive a loss incurring private airline. And there is no possible reason why they should be actually  coming to the rescue of Mr. Mallya.

What about Banks??Are they ready to provide financial loans to the loss incurring airline?It seems Mallya’s only option is to borrow funds from banks to recover his drowning business.But in any ways, it is affecting the current economy especially the airline industry and I think and hope that this issue should be put to rest as soon as possible for the betterment of the economic condition of the country as well as that of the common people.

Yesterday, I was on my usual routine of doing a general research in the internet and I came across the flights fares of the airlines cruising within the country. The prices of the fares has sky rocketed tremendously. For instance, the Delhi-Mumbai,Mumbai-Delhi flight usually cost around 3 grands earlier but as of yesterday, there isn’t any flight which has fares lesser than 5 grands, such is the condition of price hiked in fuel and the stoppage of Kingfisher Airlines.

Well, All I can hope and pray is to stable the price of fuel and also wish Mr. Mallya recovers from his catastrophe attack and start cruising his fleet of airlines for us, the common people!!


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