Clash of the Diplomats!!

With the Elections coming up in the near future, it looks like political leaders  have started playing the war of words game.The latest being Rahul Gandhi taking a dig on the Czarina of Uttar Pradesh Smt. Mayawati about the poor condition of the states economic and human developments and siphoning of the funds being allotted for developments. These Diplomats really love to play the political games on each other pulling off a publicity gimmick  to making a rude statement about each other. In the current scenario, it is hard for people like us to judge who is right and who is wrong.

Is the UPA Govt not to be blamed for the underdeveloped condition of the Country??keep the country aside, at least for  Uttar Pradesh growth and development??If they, the ruling Government  took  the initiative of  implementing a certain schemes or release funds for developments, are they also not responsible to make sure that the schemes or funds that flows from the Government reach to the right people and is being utilized properly in the right way?Should we say we agree to Rahul Gandhi’s Statement about UP being ruled by Mafia’s or blaming the Mayawati Government for the pathetic condition of the villages in UP?? If that is  the case, isn’t India more of a village country than a modern and civilized country?Our country has always been in poor shape and condition in spite of Ruling Government taking initiative for its better growth and development! Thats the bitter truth and  reality of  the then,now and will be India if the political scenario does not undergo a drastic changes in its government. On the other hand, why is Rahul Gandhi so keen on taking a dig on the UP Governing Body and not other state? I believe the situation and condition are all the same in each part of the country and Rahul Gandhi, as a sensible and much hyped  candidate for the Prime Minister Post, hopefully for the next election should be more concerned about the over all growth and development of the whole country and not only a particular state because if he succeeded in the elections, he will be the Prime Minister of India, not the Prime Minister of Uttar Pradesh!

In spite of being the largest  democratic country, we the people, are still lagging behind in choosing the right leader who can lead us to the road of  modern ,civilized and developed  India.Somebody was absolutely right when he said we have not justified the true definition of  ‘Democracy” because I also feels that somewhere its not about Us  and We anymore, its more about Me and I. Is it our laid back attitude that lead us to this situations or is it our mistake in falling to a prey of hypnotism by the political leaders?Aren’t we also responsible for this kind of mess??When are we going to change ourselves and our people??Who do we need?What initiatives should be taken??Are we still waiting for someone to burn a cracker on our ass to make us leap in shock out of obligation?Lets think about it…..

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