Facebook Page Vs Google+ Page

This Morning, while checking my Google+ updates, I came across Larry Page Statement saying that Google+ have started introducing the Google+ Pages for organizations,NGO’s and the likes to create their own  business pages in the social networking sites.Keeping in mind the popularity of Facebook pages which has helped  lot of companies, small, medium and large enterprise to endorse their products and services through Facebook, it is not shocking to know that Google+ has also come up with the same ideas for the same purpose. Is this another form of plagiarism or another edge of competitive efforts for Google to beat Facebook?

For the record, all of us are aware that Google+ project itself is just  another form of plagiarism with an effort to compete with Facebook. Anyways, Is Google just throwing their publicity stunts to the people or they really do not have any new and innovative products to introduce  in the market?I don’t know what Larry Page and Sergey Brin have to say about this but as per my opinion Google should just stop imitating or manipulating stuffs which already has a market presence and start working on something which is totally new and innovative!!

I already have a page in Facebook but I thought I would try my hands on the newly introduced Google Pages as well so I started a Page but I was shocked when I realized that Google Pages doesn’t allow your page to showcase it as a business endorsement page rather the page is supposed to be used as your personal account page just like the normal account one has. This I think is a huge drawbacks on Google page against the user friendly and more simple, easier Facebook Page.

My take on the newly introduced Google Page: It is more complicated and not much user friendly!

The functions of the page is similar to the normal functioning of a personal account which is you have status updates,circles, photos and videos or whatever which I think is not suitable for a business page.

I don’t know what is their objective on coming up with this product but I think it is just a waste of time and energy though I am not aware of its success in the market yet!

My Advice – Stick to Facebook Page, it is much better that Google Page.

Note: Please be informed this is just my personal reviews based solely on my personal experience with both the Pages and I hold no one responsible for any comments or words posted here.


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