Google Me!!

Last Night I was watching this episode of Oprah Winfrey Talk Show and I was very much impressed about this particular guy named Jim Kileens who have made a documentary film about  meeting 7 people who shared the same name as his.As per Mr. Kileens, he said in the interview that it all started when he one day type his name in Google which led him to the idea of searching people with the same name as himself. Then he start his journey of finding these people.He then went on making a documentary film about his encounter with 7 odd people from different parts of the world having only one thing in common that is — Jim Kileens. The people apart from  Jim Killeen the filmmaker in Los Angeles, are , Jim Killeen the priest in Cobh, Ireland, Jim Killeen the retired cop in New York, Jim Killeen the CEO in Melbourne, Australia and Jim Killeen the sexual swinger in Denver.Thats how the filmmaker Mr. Jim Kileens titled his documentary film as “Google Me”

There is also a news that after the release of this film, the CEO and Co-Founder of Google Inc decided to come up with an internet application with the same name which can be used as a tool for searching people who shares the same name as you and the likes.

With regards to this, Oprah Winfrey herself has also founded a 15 year old girl who has the same name as hers. So, as for now,we have two people with the name “Oprah Winfrey”!!

This makes me think, What about my name???Can there possibly be any other person who shares the same name as mine??I really dont know about myself though….Can there be anyone else out there??if yes, how will she be??Will we have the same qualities and personalities??What will we have in common??I will never know until Google me launches…:)Until then, I have to rely on Google without the “Me”….;)

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