First Word Press Post

Well I’m new to word press and does not know much about the functionality of it. This is my first post so I will just share my ideas and thoughts about this blogging site.

I have heard  a lot about word press blogging site but never had the chance and time to create a blog for myself in this. I do have my own blogging site at Google blog which I think is more user friendly and less complicated than word press(my first impression about word press it is!!) but I will never know which one will be better than the other will I? So, All I have to do is just explore this new thing to me and see for myself what it can exactly do and in which ways it can actually functions.Exploring the Word press site, that is my another task I have to obliged to now…!!

By the way, WordPress is from Wikipedia right? If  I am right on this then Jimmy Wales made this discovery much later than Google and gmail so probably I hope it is much better site than the earlier blogging site. Why??Because if Word press is newer than blog spot, It has to be probably better than the other one because it has to see to it that it attracts more blogger in terms of more user friendly, better functionality et al.

Okay now, let me go ahead with other stuffs that I am finding new here and let me explore more about it and experiment it further to get a better ideas of how exactly this functions. I will surely come back with my reviews and opinions on this. until then…adios amigos!!


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